Tuesday, June 14, 2005

pigging out, one-wayed and a promise kept

the last weekend was another eventful one. friday, gelo celebrated his 30th este 28th birthday pala (the kuya of the group asar talo lagi sa age niya). the whole 'patotim' gang pigged out on pasta and pizza at d marks in greenbelt. giant pizza slices! yummy mozzarella (kahit ini-scrape ni phoebe ang lahat ng cheese sa taco pizza niya). loud music sa background and ang init! syempre all out laugh trip nanaman the whole night though there were scattered discussions of the latest political sitch and the traffic jam it has caused over at the guadalupe area. and thank you again birthday boy for letting me and kiel force you to drive us home *lol*

saturday, the pex gang also had something to celebrate. chelo was free at last. all out gab fest naman dito. but it wasn't the only thing on the agenda. there was an EB too, and naughty girls and boys that they are, planned to one-way the get together with me, luther and jeanet as bait. BUT it turned out they weren't the only ones with the bright idea. they got one wayed too. hahaha...evil weevil thoughts kasi.

monday, had to drag my ass to a pictorial my boss sprang up on me. it's a holiday supposedly. but someone who finally kept his word made me light hearted the whole day. and happy the whole night. mr. and mrs. smith was a blast. thank you. :)

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hmmm.... semi-happy post. strange