Monday, February 27, 2006

weekend thoughts

i have neglected this blog due to the fact i had too much going on my mind the past few days. so ok, i'm back with thoughts here and there...

1. Kris Aquino's Pantene shampoo ad - she's reportedly paid 8M for this commercial. Heck i dunno why. *lol* and there's something weird about the shampoo's type -- age defying something. don't get me wrong, i use pantene and i love the brand to pieces but ageing hair? IMHO, i don't see age in a person's mane. i see it in his/her face. therefore if you are looking old, it's not the hair that needs a lift, it's the face. BTW hair looks old if it's graying so dye is the answer to your problems not some shampoo endorsed by kris.

2. The Job - you must be wondering what's my decision over that. well i just turned it down a few minutes ago. funny, here i am praying for a bit more cash in my pocket and i end up turning my back on the answer. the thing is i know what i am capable of, and i know i am not yet ready to take on that kind of responsibility. "you're in a dead end job!" some of you might say. but for me it is a bit hard to do a job well if your heart isn't really into it.

so now patricia you go scrimp some more on your meager wages. ^_^*

3. WWE Raw - yep i gave in to the BF. i went with him to the Araneta last Saturday, the 25th to watch WWE amidst the state of emergency declaration of GMA. And even though we were in the general patronage area it wasn't all that bad (although araneta could fix the bathrooms to match their supposed sosy image now). We had interesting bleacher-mates, a mother and daughter team. i was in awe with their knowledge of the game, specially the mom, who could even give me a blow by blow of what happened during the royal rumble. she even knew the names and theme songs of the wrestlers by heart hehehe. there were college kids behind us who could give the WWE commentators a run for their money, they were hilarious. I'm happy that i made randy happy (he couldn't stop thanking me after for going with him -- mahabang pakiusapan yun). the matches were great, the diva's were hot (i long for a WWE diva bod) and araneta was filled to the hilt (super kumita yung producer nito). and the highlight of the show was seeing Edge's t-back underwear, exposed accidentaly by John Cena for all the world to see... wahahaha...

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


i love what i am doing right now. yet they are offering me the stability i am looking for.

i just can't think straight right now.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

if the offer is right...

i will miss abs-cbn terribly.

naguguluhan ako. *waaah*

Thursday, February 16, 2006

skirt, skirt, skirt...

there's this black skirt at folded and hung that i wanted to buy a few weeks ago. it was at a 50% off, so it would cost about 300 pesos or so. but then i placed it back on the rack due to very tight funds.

today as i was browsing this korean fashion shopping site, i see this:

the replica of the skirt i thought of buying.
i want to kill myself right now.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


tagged by ces...

4 Jobs I’ve Had In My Life
- internship at Metro Mag 1998
- editorial assistant at Saranggola Magazine
- pr writer at ABS-CBN Star Magic
- online writer/editor for (madami pa kong naging jobs actually)

4 Movies I Could Watch Over And Over
- Sassy Girl
- Bring It On
- Never Been Kissed
- Now and Then

4 Places I’ve Lived
- Caloocan City
- Bocaue, Bulacan
- Mandaluyong City

4 TV Shows I Love To Watch
- Gilmore Girls
- American Idol
- Amazing Race

4 Places I’ve Been On Vacation(the last four)
- Puerto Galera
- Batangas
- Singapore
- Hong Kong

4 Websites I Visit Daily
- Pinoy Exchange
- Yahoo Mail
- (wahaha plugging)
- Friendster

4 Of My Favorite Foods
- fried chicken
- pizza
- pasta with white sauce
- violet crumble

4 Places I’d Rather Be Right Now
- US with my mom
- South Korea (to appease the Korean in me)
- the gym to get rid of my fats
- my bedroom (to sleep zzzz...)

4 Bloggers I Am Tagging
- Uchisan
- Katie
- Leah L.
- Tina bebe

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

happy puso!

happy valentine's day :)

lifted from kalypso's

Romance, like love, rings true and endures.


1. Holding hands is romantic. Sometimes it's even more fun than kissing.
2. When a man brushes a girl's hair away from her face with his hands is romantic.
3. Leaving love notes on car windshields is romantic.
4. A man who takes the lyrics of a song seriously and applies it to the two of you is romantic.
5. A man who calls on the phone to check whether you got home safe is romantic.
6. Hearing mass together is romantic.
7. A man who cooks dinner for you -- whether it's a full gourmet dinner or just Spanish omelet -- is romantic.
8. Playing together on the same team (be it charades, volleyball, or Name That Tune is romantic).
9. Sharing a Stork candy (he bites it in two and shares the half with you) on one softdrink bottle when you don't have money is romantic.
10. Taking coffee together at a cafe in the wee hours of the morning after a bad day's "work" at the bar is romantic.
11. A man who knows what you're going to say next is romantic.
12. A man who asks, "what's the matter" or "is something wrong" if he notices your silence is romantic.
13. A man who watches you and then tells you how you move is romantic.
14. A man who gives you cards and writes little cute things on them is romantic.
15. Sipping hot soup or coffee together inside a restaurant and watching the rain pour against the glass window is romantic.
16. A man who cries is romantic.
17. A man who blushes is romantic.
18. Falling in love is romantic.


19. Loving is not.
20. Falling for a man for reasons other than love is not romantic.
21. A man who's self-absorbed is not romantic.
22. A man who gives you presents and then feels self-important because he gave you presents is nowhere near romantic.
23. A man who's so engrossed with hs car and the gadgets in it is not romantic.
24. A man who doesn't thank you or doesn't excuse himself when he leaves your presence is not only not romantic, he's also "bastus".
25. A man who s offers you drugs or "weed" is not romantic.
26. A man who's too sure, too self-confident, too suave, too perfect, is not romantic.
27. A man who pays more attention to sexy women and is too sexual in his overtones is not romantic. (He's a sex fiend and, hear this, doesn't even like sex.)
28. A man who is insensitive to your feelings or to your state of mind is not romantic.
29. A man who takes things and you for granted is hopeless, and is miles away from romantic.
30. A chauvinist is not romantic.
31. A smart ass is not romantic.
32. A man who thinks he's God's gift to women is never romantic.
33. Criticizing one another is not romantic.
34. Paying household bills is not romantic.
35. A man who tells a woman she spent too much at the store is not romantic.
36. Marriage is not at all romantic. But thankfully, some survive.

Monday, February 13, 2006

wanna know a secret?


i just realized that there are some secrets that are to be kept and buried. even though you want so much to tell someone, there are also so many things at stake that you would rather suffer in silence. but with the silence also comes guilt. that guilt would probably gnaw at my soul for the rest of my life.


the clanking sound of bones in my closet got louder as i got confronted by my conscience again. i wanted to speak out.


i know i will be taking this secret to the grave. nothing good will come out of it. ever.

Thursday, February 09, 2006


wow bago yung blog skin ko!


may isang tao kasi dyan who promised to make me one...
pero til now, isa syang pixel...


Wednesday, February 08, 2006

latest model ng cellphone

Now you can go back in time and chat old school style with this fun retro red receiver that connects to a cell phone. Works with most phones but includes adaptors, just in case! Item is 2.5x8. Cord about 19” long.

Ring! It’s for you.


Tuesday, February 07, 2006

shameless plugging again

please buy the february-march issue of Pink Mag (John Prats and Maja Salvador on the cover). I have articles there kasi. *weh*

Friday, February 03, 2006

super headache

i have a bionic headache today. wasn't able to accomplish much except for the headline for tomorrow. i meant to finish half of my gulong ng palad episode summaries for the site but then who could think when you want to bang your head against your PC monitor? gosh i've done only about 2 eps....heehee...

hmm do you think the reason for this 'headache' could be from my shaider-annie escapade below?

i'm gimmick ladden tomorrow but i have only one body people. may ibang araw naman other than feb 04 di ba? isa pa yang feb 11. wala bang ibang date sa kalendaryo?


Wednesday, February 01, 2006

time space warped

*names have been changed to protect the innocent. *aherm*

the saga of shaider and annie part eleven

dear shaider,

i know we have been colleagues for so long. we've shared about a hundred coffee cups from the vending machine across the hall. we've watched reruns of king kong vs. godzilla over and over again while waiting for fumalear to strike again in the lounge. you held my hand while i cried over spilling bleach on the team uniforms. we've talked about anything under the sun, from my skirt being vertically-challenged (and my love for pink undies) to how you like smelling your boots in the morning.

but then again i have been having these secret feelings for you for so long too...i dunno if keeping it would be as painful as you not returning it. but as adelaide, our robot has adviced me, regrets are like choosing new oil for your engine instead of the usual. your engine might run 'nice' for a while but it won't last as long as your usual oil. without the usual your engine will rust and eventually have holes.

so here i am writing you this stupid letter. i like you really. maybe even love you. more than our cappucinos in the morning. or that drama i wait for at night. but then who am i to have your undivided attention? there are girls prettier than me. or maybe more experienced. in our field that is. it's scary that you have a big heart. because i might be reading more into how you are treating me. yet i am too still hopeful that in that big heart of yours, there might be a wee bit of a space for me.

i do wish you would reply in whatever manner you want. i am afraid to lose the friendship yet i think i am more afraid to lose the love. i am giving you space to think about the things that i have said. i'll be asking our general to assign me to distant g-10 in the dirdron galaxy. i will miss you.


dear annie,

i had a sinking feeling you would be bringing up this subject soon enough. i felt it eversince that incident, when fumelear stepped over my boots and ruined it. you were so worried that we won't ever find its replacement.

i really don't know what to say. i value our friendship a lot. you are the only person i know who loves king kong vs. godzilla like i do. you are an exceptional girl, annie. you're very special to me. but then i'm still not ready to go into a relationship, especially now that fumelear's forces have moved into planet zorko. the general has assigned me a special roving task, i have to monitor it almost 24/7.

you're leaving me? who will replace you in the control booth? there will be no other control girl like you annie. not even alibaba, who can open doors with a snap of a finger. or was that wave of a hand? uh. whatever that is, we have chemistry. no other team can beat us. but if that is your decision, then i can't do anything about it...

can't you wait for me?
i will miss you sorely.