Thursday, March 31, 2005

kwentong production

sa isang taping...

direk: o asan na ang mga hippie? kelangan na sa eksena... yaya jess (the tc) asan ka na ba?
yaya jess: direk eto na (may dalang pulis)
direk: Ha? pano naging hippie yan?
yaya jess: di ba sabi nyo hipi (hepe) kaya kumuha ako sa pulis station.

we just couldn't stop laughing til our jaws hurt.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

dating lesson

joy just lent me the book HE'S JUST NOT THAT IN TO YOU by greg behrendt and liz tuccillo. i should have read this book before i joined 'the game'. i'm gonna write a part of the lessons i have learned from reading it overnight. rose, gay, jiale, cecille, nhila and to all my other friends who have gone through what i have been through, para sa atin ito. ladies and gents, read em and weep.

"... so what if in the beginning or a while into it, it gets a little vague? who wants to be that crazy girl who needs to know exactly what's going on the minute she meets a guy? you want to be the cool girl. the girl who knows how to hang out and not be all demanding...

the thing about the cool girl is that she still gets her feelings hurt. she still has reactions to how she's being treated. she still hopes he'd call. wonders when she'll get to see him again. and if he's excited about being with her. i hate that. priorities have changed as i've gotten older. now i don't want to be 'sort of dating' someone. i don't want to be 'kinda hanging out' with someone. i don't want to spend a lot of energy suppressing my feelings so i appear uninvolved. i want to be sleeping with someone i know i'll see again because they've already demonstrated to me that they are honorable and trustworthy. and into me. sure in the beginning you have to be somewhat cautious about how much you give away. but that caution shouldn't be to make them feel more comfortable; it should be because you know that you are ultimately a delicate valuable creature who should be careful and discerning about who gets your affection.


i said to myself last night this will be my new mantra. but hey you know me im such a rule breaker sometimes. and a so bitter ampalaya. i am the cool girl. but i want to be THE GIRL.

its so hard getting burned. ahh the intricacies of dating. and love.

"i'd walk under a bus. get hit by a train. keep falling in love. which is kind of the same. I've sunk out at sea, crashed my car, gone insane. but it felt so good i wanna do it again."

Monday, March 28, 2005

bad case of...

boredom. that's right. my vacation was just the ho-hum kind. well it did pick up somewhere in the end...

thursday. first day of rest. not for the wicked. thought of doing the laundry first thing to get that off my mind. check. but i finished real late kasi i watched the gilmore girls marathon on studio 23. i missed major parts of that show...buti na lang may replay. :)

friday. nothing to do. watched cable all day. boredom was kicking in. i watched till 2am ata. erks. and when i got to bed (technically saturday na to)here is what i did...

ayan that's the lights on my bed post. aint it purtee... ala ngang magawa...

and syempre...

my sleepy self and my toy.

saturday. i need to get out. so san pa ba... my sis and i go malling. aint it crazy, i wanted to go to work...of course when me and my sister go out pwede bang di mapagastos si patty. soo...3 more days to go before payday...ang tagal! bought the second summer of the sisterhood. finished the entire book til 4 in the morn.

sunday. ah easter. pretty super. :) but confusing din. (?) boredom can make you do mysterious things. and unexpectedly end up on a rollercoaster ride.

back to the drawing board. and guess what? im excited. and scared.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

ampalaya plantation

1 in the morning, jiale and i were still having laughing fits. why you may ask...cause we were talking about our all time favorite subject. Boys. *lol* i dunno if it was the disappointment we had with men in our lives or wala lang kaming magawa that the subject of "lines guys use to pacify women" came up. i even unearthed old text messages that were almost the same with jiale's recent ones. so we've come up with a short list *ahem* of nabenta, bumebenta at nabibili paring BS na linya ng mga lalaki. sa mga guys na makakabasa nito, penetensya muna kayo. holy week naman. *lol*

we're friends naman di ba? how many times ko nang narinig to. and tuwing sinasabi sa akin ang linyang to mapapatingin na lang ako sa langit. kung lahat ng friendships eh may something "extra" aba'y napakasaya naman ng magkakaibigan hahaha...

you're really special to me. yun na. ginawa kang parang halo halo na may leche flan and ice cream. yeah something good to have once in a while, yung tipong seasonal ang dating mo. Pag bored, walang magawa, ubos load, horny, pangpakilig. ayan. special ka nga.

galit ka ba? obvious madalas ang sagot dito. pero pa inosente pa madalas ang guys naiisip "nothing's wrong naman right, eh bakit ka ganyan?" tapos pag di ka sumagot kukulitin kang sabihin mo. if you tell them naman what's wrong...refer to the next paragraph.

sorry na. mali na ako. pampakalma daw. or para mahinto na ang discussion? di ba ang gulo. gusto malaman ang rason. pero when you tell naman eh ayaw nang pagusapan. ano ba talaga kuya?

miss you. isa sa mga ultimate weapons ng mga guys mapatext man o face to face. madaling matunaw ang puso ng isang ice queen kapag narinig na ang mga katagang yan. kasi ang sweet nga naman sa pandinig di ba. lech...hahaha

mwah. ang cute no. papansin talaga. who couldn't resist replying to this? sino bang hindi matutuwa sa isang kiss? hahaha...

serioso ako sa yo. asus. ganun ba? kung exam pala to eh bagsak ka na. dahil ang serioso mo laro laro lang. hmp.

simple lang naman ang sagot diyan. "MUKHA MO!"
eheheh. but reality bites, girls are really suckers for sweet lines. and even if we've heard it all before we still fall for these fast and hard. hay puso nga naman.

contributions to these lines are welcome.

bitter bitches? siguro. hey we're just making fun out of our silly situation.

ampalaya anyone?

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

kung ano lang

the office is almost like a ghost town. everyone's either late or on OB. haha. bukas half day pa. bummer.

Nakakatawa ngayon maraming nagparamdam from the past. hay nga naman. tsk tsk. yun lang ang masasabi ko.

anyway went to St. Luke's again kanina. my operation's on april 8. i accept get well cards, flowers and the like. and oh yeah cash donations are welcome too *lol*

but im scared really.

Monday, March 21, 2005

some things at the top of my head...

1.) i was so zapped last saturday. after a long time i attended a get together once again of the f4fu mods. after a night of yakking left and right, i left robinson's apartelle and got home 430ish in the morning. di ko tuloy napansin ang mga lola ko when they visited us that day kasi i was asleep half the time they were there. and what's nice is that i forgot almost half of my asian cd collection there *lol* (eve don't forget to bring that tomorrow!). i should visit that my room place at taft. but i should be ready to spend some big bucks there, which sadly i don't have at the moment.

2.) speaking of no money, i had to use my newly arrived plastic card at the mall yesterday and bought 2 bathing suits. oi kelangan nang matuloy ang mga outing na pinaplano natin ha kundi sayang naman ang 2 two-piece na yun hahaha...which reminds me i have to start working out and starving myself again.

3.)francis and chelo never cease to amuse me. after meeting with some pex friends again last saturday, i got home masakit ang tiyan sa kakatawa. me tagaytay trip nanaman nga and chelo was proposing that each of us bring a friend of the opposite sex along. as i was running through the rolodex in my head of supposed "guy friends", wala akong maisip na maisama. hahaha... any suggestions? :)

4.) grace and her hubby asked me to tag along today sa St. Lukes dahil Nelson is having his cyst checked. bakit ako sinasama? kasi they want me to have my cyst din checked out. scary. its not bothering me naman but im thinking din it's about time. kawawa naman ako walang magaalaga sa akin if i do have it operated. *sniff*

5.)hmm...holy week na. i know i haven't been the most angelic person in the whole wide world lately. i'm trying my best naman to be good na but it's pretty hard. iniisip ko nga baka kaya ako minamalas lately. kasi di na ako mabait. *sigh*

6.) nagiging analytical nanaman ako. di ko alam why im like that everytime im getting to like a person. wala naman dapat ianalyze actually. i just like making my life complicated hahaha... *toink*

Friday, March 18, 2005


that was what janice texted me in the middle of my late night coffee with a friend sa starbucks. i just had to laugh.

again coffee with good company. javalicious? haha...:)
late na umuwi si cinderella. almost 2 na ata yun. the minute my head hit the pillows, hala i was zonked out.

as usual sabi ko maaga ako. pero sabi ko lang yun.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

my knee hurts

i've been hurting since tuesday. iniinda ko yung pain in my left knee. what's hard is that we have a flight of stairs now sa bahay so lalong aray.

im not the sporty type naman to have this injury. im wondering why.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005


im gonna miss my chingu. that's korean for friend.


my box

this is what kept me busy over the weekend. actually i've been meaning to fix my new room since we moved to our new apartment last last week. but you know me. i just fixed the room in parts. and now it is somehow finished.

Image hosted by
my box of a room. smaller than the one i had before.

Oh yeah. you think these are all my stuff? its not. i have so many things (meaning clothes) i crammed some in my sister's room (she got the bigger one.) so her room's sort of my closet too. *lol*

Image hosted by
wish i had matching furniture...

jiale, jopen, leah hulaan nyo kung ano ang iniisip ko. haha. bad.

Monday, March 14, 2005


that's right. im finally calling him my ex. tama ba yun? *lol* i was talking (or you can say texting) chelo the other day and out of the blue i call him my ex. and now having talked to two other people i referred to him again as my ex.

actually, maybe its because i can't think of a word to describe him.

first time in history i called someone that.
and first time i considered someone that.


Friday, March 11, 2005


im happy today. :)

bakit nga ba? para akong nakaisa sa ngiti ko. *lol* :)

masaya si patty? hmmm...

umm nga pala remember the piano thing? well i take it back. gitara na lang happy my deadline, the one that i crammed last night was graded an A. yehey!

im gonna post that article since 1.) Natuwa siya for the first time sa ginawa ko. 2.) Marami nang nagtatanong what do i write about talaga so here's a sample. 3.) mayabang at masaya ako today :)

Chito Rono breaks barriers with Spirits

Spirits is another benchmark in the history of Philippine Television. Thanks to award winning director Chito Rono. Returning to the small screen with “Spirits”, his action adventure prequel to his box office breaker “Spirit Warriors” it looks like he has not only a hit series in his hands but a masterpiece, with people not just talking about it’s actors but the over all quality of the show.

Chito Rono’s avant garde way of thinking has always made him ahead of his game. “Astig maging iba.” is the show’s tagline and really it is out of the ordinary. Almost like watching a movie, every episode leaves the viewer in awe with the series’ unique camera shots, editing and effects. Everyone expected the director to just push start the project then delegate the remaining seasons to someone else but Direk Chito was hands on in every aspect of the show from the casting of its stars, the writing of its intricate script up to its editing.

Having newcomers as the show’s lead actors did not hinder the show from gaining respect from its televiewers or getting recognition for its good content. That’s what also so good about Direk Chito. He is not afraid to take chances. And discovering a new generation of stars, he again proves that he does not just produce good films but also develop young talent as well.

One may think the show is reminiscent of programs like the X-men or Charmed in the US but “Spirits” in its entirety is purely Filipino. The reason why it is so appealing to a lot of audiences is that they can easily relate to the super natural element presented on screen, the aswangs, multo, elves, diwatas and the like, which are part of the Filipino culture and beliefs.

Breaking barriers, there are even rumors of the series catching the interest of international TV networks and talks of syndication of the show are on the way. And why not, with “Spirits” serving up a good plot, interesting characters and impressive camera work, the show is something we Filipino’s should be truly proud of.

habol. another thing to be happy about. my autographed ken cd is here!!! thanks to mitzie, tina and eve my couriers. :)

fresh from singapore.ain't he such a hottie?!!

BIG THANKS to of course the one who gave me the CD. Jeanette big shout out to you :)

"happy its so nice to be happy...shalalala..."

Thursday, March 10, 2005


i'm being my lazy self today. check out my other blog on where i spent 2 of my working hours today (boss o! playing hooky!).

i have a new deadline today. keeps springing up on me.heh. what's nice about this week's deadlines is that it has to be submitted the day after it's been assigned to me. oh joy!

my mind's empty. you might be saying "heck maybe she should stop blabbing on her blog and instead save the words she puts here on her deadlines." writing here is different. i am not confined. writing here is just like talking for me. i might be even saying more here than what i say in real life.

oh well. back to my MS Word Document 1.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005


im so pissed off and my day's just starting. sabi ko na nga ba.

Lord give me patience. give me understanding and wisdom.

sana bagsakan siya ng piano sa ulo mamaya.

arggh! i wonder how this day will end.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

i need an inspiration

my eyes hurt. from staring at the computer too much. i have been at it since 11 this morning. and its almost 10 o clock. i still have 2 deadlines to go. tapos wala pa akong inspiration. i even passed up a script. sniff. extra racket din yun. but then my brain can just take so much. hmp. reklamo pag walang ginagawa, reklamo pag marami.

i wonder how joseph's doing with his tournament.
i wonder how chelo's doing with her predicament. *lol*
i wonder if nasa bahay na si nhila and grace.
i wonder kung finally sinagot na ni koya ang mga tawag ni ana at na bulyawan na siya.
i wonder if ... oops don't go there.

i'm dazed. i can't focus. kelangan ko nang umuwi.

Monday, March 07, 2005


quizzies from chay's blog...

Men See You As Playful
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You know how to push men's buttons and attract a wide range of guys
You enjoy living and loving - it's one of your most attractive qualities
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You Are the Girl Next Door!
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Uncomplicated and simple, you've got an easy going attitude guys love.
But this doesn't mean you're dull - far from it!
You're a great conversationalist, and you're an expert at living the good life.

What Kind of Girl Are You? Take This Quiz :-)

3 movies

this is a feat for me. 3 movies over the weekend.


i watched hitch last friday. it was hilarious. funny cause will smith's job is a dating guru. galing mga diskarte niya in some ways. some of his theories prove a point. some medyo debatable. naalala ko tuloy yung isang quote na nabasa ko... "When a man goes on a date, he wonders if he's gonna get lucky. A woman already knows."


finally! for weeks i have longed to see this damned movie (and someone even promised to see it with me kaya lang...) nauto ko ba or we (eng and i) mutually agreed to see constantine, much to ana's dismay (wala ngang ginawa to kundi magtext sa movie). the movie was kinda i dunno deep from what i expected. keanu naman always like doing movies like these, from the matrix to johnny mneumonic (maraming alam na kaweirduhan sa mundo ata itong si keanu hehehe.)

good versus evil. medyo magulo nga sabi ni jopen. i have worked things out in my mind on what the movie was supposed to be though may 2 questions pa rin ako... 1.) why did the angel gabriel turn into a traitor? is it because he/she was jealous of constantine? 2.) the angel was about to unleash the son of satan pero bakit pinigilan ni lucifer? there were a lot of important stuff here and there sa movie and kahit gusto pang i-analyze ng movie critic/student in me (na natutunan ko sa film 101 *bow*) it just didn't kick in fully.

the big question is where will i be laying my broken soul to rest? hmm...its getting warm in here ata *lol*

series of unfortunate events

my sis, my aunt and i decided to watch this movie because we are such suckers for books turned into screenplays. i haven't read the book personally (which i always do before watching the adapted version on screen) so i relied mostly on my tita dahil gift ko sa kanila yung 2 books of the series. it was a fun movie. funny to some extent. i liked violet's outfits there. and the way sunny thought and spoke. gibberish with a lot of sense... erks. *lol*

hay. so much for the happy weekend. i'm having a very busy monday (pero nakapagblog ka pa ha...), i wrote this in 2 installments and it has become very very wishy washy. hehehe... i have a sinking feeling that i'm gonna be real busy this week...all work and no play. waaaaah...

Friday, March 04, 2005

jars of clay

the much awaited jars of clay posting...

i guess im one of the luckiest girls that day. bambie already mentioned that the band will be doing a myx live taping here but i was too...uhh... caught up in other things to find out. then all of a sudden leah and karen appear out of nowhere panicking! i say "where you off to guys?" leah goes "ate patty, jars of clay asa 4th floor!". so there. lucky me.

jarsofclay(l-r) karen, me, leah and janice with jars of clay!

too bad i had work the day of the concert. nakascore pa naman ng tickets si karen. boo-hoo.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

jia le!

i sort of reminisced one of my fave characters on one of the f4 series i have, love storm. i liked jia le (which was played by vivian hsu, who is incidentally the current hang ten image model). she's almost like cher on clueless, the ditzy yet lovable rich girl who's a fashionista and ready to help friends who are in need. plus she loves the color pink! ( i believe siya nga ata naginfluence sa akin to like pink this much.)

anyway i saw this hairstyle sa isang jap magazine and i said to myself "hmm...magaya nga ito one of these days". and so i did. then i realized "Aba, jia le-ish!"

asan na ang mga leading men ko na sina yin feng (vic) and bao long (ken)?

and presscon din namin yesterday for heart. she bought along her very cute cocker spaniel Al! the first time i saw that pup here sa office i was all gushy all over! super cute!


i just couldn't resist cuddling the dog again...

di masyadong kita si al...he's struggling kasi ayaw magpapic!

and having this photo op with him...

aww...ain't he just adorable...

well sorry na lang sa heart fans. wala akong pic with her eh :)

i was feeling so girly yesterday.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

just a girl

that's the title of my fave no doubt song.

and i've just about had it up to here.

i was sad when he didn't react to my letter. maybe i was better off not hearing from him again. but i did. and i regret getting my wish. oh i'm not a doormat. i'm not some stupid thing that you can use and kick around. if you think you can take advantage of me, well then maybe i'll let you do that once out of the kindness of my heart. but do that have another thing coming.

im good daw kasi. ha! good. yeah im good. and probably good enough for someone else. how can guys be so damn dense??? these are the days i thank God that i'm so good with words. i play with words. and with words i can get what i want to hear from you. haha...dangerous stuff aint it. maybe i should have been a lawyer. *lol* i heard the message loud and clear. blinded ba talaga ang mga lalaki sa ganun? that urge takes over their normal brain functions? o kasama na yun sa normality? i wanted to shout "Hello? Ok ka lang???" gawd. i feel stupid for thinking iba to. i also pity the poor girl.

this experience has been a real eye opener for me. ngumawa lang ako kay jopen for almost an hour. cellphone yan ha. thanks mother jops. for hearing my frustrations out. oh yeah i cried. but not out of panghihinayang or because i still like him. no.

i cried because once again i was right. i should really really just trust my instincts.

cause after all i am a girl.