Tuesday, March 01, 2005

just a girl

that's the title of my fave no doubt song.

and i've just about had it up to here.

i was sad when he didn't react to my letter. maybe i was better off not hearing from him again. but i did. and i regret getting my wish. oh i'm not a doormat. i'm not some stupid thing that you can use and kick around. if you think you can take advantage of me, well then maybe i'll let you do that once out of the kindness of my heart. but do that again...you have another thing coming.

im good daw kasi. ha! good. yeah im good. and probably good enough for someone else. how can guys be so damn dense??? these are the days i thank God that i'm so good with words. i play with words. and with words i can get what i want to hear from you. haha...dangerous stuff aint it. maybe i should have been a lawyer. *lol* i heard the message loud and clear. blinded ba talaga ang mga lalaki sa ganun? that urge takes over their normal brain functions? o kasama na yun sa normality? i wanted to shout "Hello? Ok ka lang???" gawd. i feel stupid for thinking iba to. i also pity the poor girl.

this experience has been a real eye opener for me. ngumawa lang ako kay jopen for almost an hour. cellphone yan ha. thanks mother jops. for hearing my frustrations out. oh yeah i cried. but not out of panghihinayang or because i still like him. no.

i cried because once again i was right. i should really really just trust my instincts.

cause after all i am a girl.


>sheE said...

trust your instincts... i've just learned that lesson recently and it really pays to do so, pero usually marerealize natin yung mga bagay sa huli na, wala na tayong magagawa kundi tumawa kaya cheer up! c:

Cecille said...

hey patty ... cheer up and be strong ... remember, this too shall pass :)

ahirunopekkles said...

yeah patty...been there done that....i know youre strong...jia you! and remember were here...:)

chel said...

told you, i don't wanna see you hurtin', get over him, then yell loudly, next please...lol

i'll see yah soon, hopefully, by that time, you're in the playin' field again hehehe

poison ivy said...

hay naku... eto na lang sabihin mo: "next pls..."