Thursday, November 24, 2005

my messed up weekend sched

i don't know how i will be able to juggle my weekend schedule.

1.) chelo's homecoming
2.) ivy's bridal shower
3.) work!
4.) my monthsary
5.) mallshow raket
6.) doing the laundry (3 weeks worth, i'm gonna run out of undies to wear if i keep postponing the chore hehehe...)

pano ko hahatiin ang katawan ko...can i just have the power to project myself someplace else? hehehe...forgive my prue haliwell delusions. :)

Monday, November 21, 2005


after hearing gwen stefani's song luxurious and seeing some friend's profiles in friendster, i can't help but be envious.

i've become a green eyed monster lately. which is bad. i've been wanting to have a better life but have i been doing to make that 'nice life' into a reality? err...not really.

i want to get this out of my system. its not very good i know.

but money does make the world go 'round.

kala ko ba simple ka lang? oo nga simple. pero...

ok back to my cave.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

a friend's call for help

a friend and i have been having heart to heart talks lately. i've been trying my best to give her good advice in all the instances she asked me to. i feel sad at her predicament right now, feeling the joys of finding her first and true love yet being burdened of choosing between her parents and boyfriend. i know it doesn't matter if she listens to what we, her friends, have to say. ultimately she will be the one to decide if she will fight for her love or to let it go for the sake of her parents. i for one wouldn't know what i would do if i were in her shoes. i pray that she chooses the path that is best for her. and everything turns out FINE. (i shall cross my fingers too for more luck.)

i'm watching ETK right now and all i can say is "Magsabunatan na lang sila." mwahahaha...what direk joey said, we have said before. and it fell on deaf ears. and i assure you direk, nagsayang ka lang ng laway. they still won't understand. but seriously people who lack humility will hit the ground the hardest. the pride they carry will break them into a million pieces.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Harry! (spoilers)

The movie was great.


1.) Where are the Dursleys in the opening? The Weasley's storming the fireplace?
2.) I was expecting to see more of the Weasley's and their eccentric home. And where's Percy?
3.) Dobby and Winky.
4.) The Veelas. They didn't even explain Fleur was half that.
5.) Bitin ang Quidditch game. Not much emphasis on Viktor.
6.) FYI for those who didn't read the book, Dobby the elf gave Harry the gillyweed not Neville.
7.) Sirius not being present during the final task and the capturing of Barty Crouch.
8.) No Ludo Bagman! The twin's jokes/ i right that Harry gave them his Tri-wizard prize money? They need that part to establish the twins' roles in the next films...
9.) Fleur and Krum could have more speaking lines. Hehehe. The film i think didn't establish them enough as the BEST in their schools. Mas mayabang yung dating nila sa book.
10.) Madame Maxime being a giant.
11.) The explanation of Voldemort's wand and Harry's.
12.) And how Barty Crouch Jr. escaped Azkaban.
13.) Hermione's expose of Rita Skeeter's being an animagus.

aherm. i still have a lot of comments but hey they couldn't squeeze all the 700+ pages in the movie right? The Quidditch stadium amazed me (bitin nga lang!) and The death of Cedric there moved me the same way the book did.

warning to those who did not read the book. you might get a little impatient (the movie is 2 and a half hours long) and you will be certainly confused in some parts.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


i didn't know that i could be harassed with something as simple as water. yesterday my sister woke me up telling me there was no water coming out of our faucets. and she added a little later that she has managed to save me half a pail. great. just enough to wash my almost waist long mane. i go to our water meter, and after a few attempts to open the valve, i give up. it wouldn't budge. assuming it was the unpaid balance of our land lord due to the repiping of the town homes, i go to the treasurer of the home owners association to ask for an extension. well the deadline was actually the 15th, but i was ready to put on an act if i needed to. tough luck, no one was home.

so here i was hot and sticky, and realizing one of my greatest fears is about to come true. i had to go to work without taking a bath. oh joy. desperate times call for desperate measures. i go to the tank upstairs and open the faucet there. drip drip drip.malakas pa ang tulo ng wiwi ko. but i had no choice. i manage to get the pail half full after about 30 minutes or so. so now i had a pail full of water. yey. bath, dress up, off to the bank i go so that i can pay the said balance that night.

at the bank, after getting some moolah, i realize i was still a few hundreds short. if i get some from my money, i'd still have enough for fare the next day. oh-kay. office. slave away. reminding myself to leave early so i can catch the treasurer still up and about. then paranoid me thinking we might still not have our water turned on tonight finally decided to withdraw from one of my mom's secret accounts -- yeah right-- thinking that i would buy gallons of mineral water if ever (how sosi can i get). after writing down my super long account of my 'favorite' artist's phone interview on TV, i rush home stopping by the ATM machine outside the office. offline. drat. now i have to really go to megamall.

walkathon to megamall from the mrt and megamall to the tricycle terminal, i finally get home to find my sister cleaning house. i asked her if she checked if the treasurer was at home. "wala." was the masungit answer i get. furious with her and the situation, i go up stairs to my room to get the water receipt. i stop in surprise. i hear sounds of trickling water coming from the tank. water? i rush outside to our water meter to find our valve open. wha???!!! i return home puzzled.

then my sister tells me "nga pala may tubig na." ang saya.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

put curse word here

as of today my separation pay check is still not available.


my spending power is in suspended animation. i need to start my christmas shopping damn it!

and my friends are rejoicing at their gratuity pay. good grief.

so much for gratitude.

"jingle bells, batman smells, robin laid an egg!..."

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

this or that

i've just sprung a surprise question to a 'friend'.

he says "if you love someone do whatever it takes. no excuses."

my question to him "would you still pursue love even to the point of hurting yourself or others?"

you tell me the answer.

Monday, November 07, 2005

orange and strawberry

i have a new obssession.


and oreng.

my sister introduced me to the candy. i'm such a sucker for jelly candies. they also have a pakwan plebor but i have to try that next time.

Thursday, November 03, 2005


friday: party!
saturday: party!
sunday: outing?
monday: party o outing?
tuesday: party.
wednesday: party o outing?
thursday: outing.

party o outing?!!!
outing na nga. lekat na schedule to.