Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My digital perm adventure

We passed by Tony and Jackey the other day. I told Manila that I wanted for the longest time to try getting a haircut there and she had the same idea as mine. We agreed to check out the prices and low and behold, they had a promo! So instead of just getting a haircut, I went all out and got a digital perm. Hopefully it lasts as long as Jinny, the Korean hairstylist, said.

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Bonita said...

Hi EventuallyPretty, long time no see and a comment you once posted in my blog jolted me to remember you. I've moved. Used to be LivedLifeDreamBig, then Ravencrows, then now, am at Long story.

Anyway, you look great! I love the curls! Wish I can have them too, but my hair's so darn straight now. Happy weekend!