Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe

One of the highlights of our Taiwan trip. We went to the Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe in Taipei (near the Zhongxiao Fuxing station) the day of the storm and like most stores, it was closed. When we went there the following day, we had to wait for almost two hours to get a table. But Pia and I just walked around the nearby malls to pass the time. After making our reservation (5:30pm) we took pictures first outside the cafe before it got dark.

When we entered the cafe, what greeted us were display cases full of very cute and very yummy looking HK cakes.

Of course, sister and me had to take pictures of every spot in the cafe. It was overwhelmingly pink and kawaii. This is on the second level of the cafe.

We got seated at the booth we really wanted, the ones with Hello Kitty head sofas. We had a hard time understanding the menu though. the waitress (who was wearing a very cute French maid uniform in pink) was patient enough and we were able to choose which cakes we wanted. it was a bit expensive but since it was the experience really you were paying for, for me it was worth it. there were also main courses served at the cafe like pasta and burgers but we had a late lunch so we just opted for desert. Our orders finally arrived. Mine was an oreo-brownie type with a cafe latte.

It was hard to eat something so cute and we stalled a little bit before eating Kitty. Hehe. I was envious of Pia's strawberry decorated cake, i tried to steal it. LOL.

Before leaving, we went to the bathroom and we couldn't resist having pictures taken too. Good thing there were no one else inside, just me and Pia. The outside part was pretty cute as well.

I wanted to buy a cake home but Pia said it might get ruined on the plane ride back to Manila so I just had to be content with what I saw and what was in my tummy.

I wanna go back. :)

More stories of my Taiwan trip -- Taipei Zoo and Story Land -- soon.


Marjorie said...

the cafe looks so cute! why don't we have one here.

eventuallypretty said...

dati may kitty cafe dito in megamall and sm north. but i think it was too expensive for Filipino taste. kaya nagsara na.

Marjorie said...

ganun ba? sayang naman. nakakainis namang kailangan mo pang magpunta ng taiwan to experience this.