Saturday, January 05, 2008

Our lesson for today...

Since I'm still warming up to write my Star Studio assignment for Cherrie Pie, I'm gonna teach you guys some words I learned in my Korean class today. I'll be posting the romanized version since my PC has no capacity to post in hangul. :)

SEASON - kye-jol
SPRING - pom
SUMMER - yo-rum
FALL - ka-ul
WINTER - kyo-ul
NEW YEAR - so-lal
CHRISTMAS - kurisumasu or songtangjol
GIFT - son-mul

I'll try to post more Korean vocabulary again next time (meaning when I get masipag again) :) I'm so behind my class...even 13 year old Issa is better than me.
Back to serious writing now... toodles!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

2008 na!

How time flies, even when you're not having much fun... just kidding. :)

I dunno what to make out of 2007 really. It's been OK. Not fabulous. More of so-so. I felt like I just went with the flow. Though there are highlights -- my regularization, trip to Singapore with Glody, saying good-bye to Sandy, Lyn's package from Japan, our 2nd year anniversary.

New Year's resolutions? 1.) Diet 2.) Come to work on time 3.) Save
Sana lahat yan magawa ko. (Clocked in at 9:34AM btw hehehe)

Hopefully things will get better this 2008.
Happy New Year friends!