Thursday, October 17, 2013

Tidus at almost nine months

He still doesn't have teeth at nine months. But Tidus is a happy baby and really loves to smile. He already knows when we are taking pictures and videos of him. My friends say he's a future child star. Hmm. I dunno about that. LOL.

My dinosaur obsession for Tidus continues. The shirt he's wearing in the pictures was something I bought when he was only three months old. I also bought him a dinosaur costume to wear for Halloween. However, since I bought it on on Amazon, it was bigger than what I expected. I also bought a dinosaur house (which will be a Christmas gift), a touch and feel dino book and dino cupcake toppers and  liners.

I'm just happy Tidus is growing up well. Even though we had a bout of coughs and colds last week, he has recovered and is very much healthy.

Now, I'm anticipating his first Halloween party and Christmas. :)