Saturday, November 10, 2007

My eyes are getting hey-vi (finally, an update!)

I've been up pretty late yesterday and had coffee at starbucks before going home. Imagine me wide awake still at 2am and my alarm set for 7am. I even fought with Pia over rights to use the bathroom first for I was going to be late for my Korean class at the rate she was moving. So by the time I reach my class in Taguig, my eyes were getting pretty heavy (sorry songsengnim!).

Then Uchi tells me that we're going to the Korean Bazaar at the Korean Church near her place. My eyes tell me I have to go ask her for a spot to take a quick nap before our scheduled departure with Marianne (our teacher) at 2pm. BUT Uchi popped in a CD of Hana Kimi the Japanese version and I couldn't help but watch it with her while the rest of her sisters and Leah slept! Daya niyo guys hehehe... anyway, when we finally got ourselves to the bazaar, Leah and I instantly gravitated towards booths selling kimchi. Hehehe. We also bought chapchae, kimbap, the spicy rice cakes and rice flour and veggie cake (dont know what it's called so guys help me with that), in other words nag-pig out kami. We also watched their production numbers which were hilarious but highly entertaining. Nakakahiya lang, my eyes were really going on overtime (naluluha na ako so I had to close them for a while) and Uchi finally decided we go home.

In the cab on the way to the office (sila lang ang 'home' bound ako hindi) I forced myself not to sleep, sayang din ang 'gab' time namin ni Leah kasi hehehe. When I got to the office, Flow and I bought dinner at the newly opened Loop downstairs before it closed. Then I finally bee-lined for the couch and plopped down to get some shut eye. However, before I even got 'somewhere', I already heard PBB's opening theme calling me. *sigh*

So here I am, bleary and red eyed, typing away on my blog while simulataneously writing an article for the site. Oh and I'm smelling my kimchi beside me too. Yun yata yung gumigising sa akin...