Monday, August 28, 2006


I dunno why some guys still think that the line "Miss, pwede ba makipagkilala?" works.

It's actually really creepy.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Happy Meal


The chili cheese flavoring for the shaker fries made everyone sneeze though. *heh*

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

"Windy, windy, windy..."

That's how the Eugene song "Windy" goes and I wanted to sing that (and dance the infamous steps too)when she visited Manila and the station last Friday. Of course, it's another gazoo sighting for me and work at the same time, which makes me love my job sometimes.*lol* Anyway she was real pretty! Not as tall as I expected but real nice and lovely. She had a good command of the english language so it was no biggie for us to call out to her (which I didn't, pretending to be a professional writer and all that *ahem*). I've liked her even way back during my "arirang" days. I've watched Pops in Seoul like hundreds of times and caught on S.E.S fever (her singing group with Bada and Shoo) since they belonged to SM Entertainment then, the same management as BoA and FTTS.

I wonder if she'd sign the pirated S.E.S CD that I bought in Ongpin. Hahaha, I know she won't. But I know of a stalker friend who got her photobook successfully signed.*lol*

For my pics of her visit you can see 'em all here.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Princess Mode

Warning: Fan Girl rambling ahead! :)

Eversince Tin told me that Eun-Hye reminded her of me, it made me wanna watch Princess Hours (Goong) more. After making hints at Randy to buy me a copy (passing the pirated DVD copy everyday on the way home) he finally does and here I am watching an episode every night. Well, actually I watched three the first time and two last night so now I'm on Chapter 20! Four more to go whoopee.

Hmm...first off, I do see myself in Eun-Hye, I mean not as pretty as her but in her style of dressing and her mannerisms (tama ka Tin!). Camille asked me a few days back if I'm rooting for Yul or Shin. At first well...Yul had this Hua Ze Lei feel, but now I'm getting more into Shin's masungit yet softy personality. And the bears at the end of each eppy, they are sooo cute!

Hmm...would they all live happily ever after? Gusto kong maging prinsesa! -- not. Hehe...millionaire na lang.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Bring Back My Bunny to Me

My bunny lies over the ocean,
My bunny lies over the sea,
My bunny lies over the ocean,
Oh bring back my bunny to me...

The last of my bunnies has died and gone to bunny heaven. *sniff* I really cried when my grandma called me to say that Velveteen aka Ebeng had passed away last Saturday. She died of old age. She was already 8 years old. Her hubby, Rabitty, passed away about 3 years ago due to an eye infection. I miss them.

Ebeng, during Christmas of 2005. She snorts when you pick her up. She hates being cuddled.

Thanks Ivy for giving me those bunnies waaay back in college.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Plugging -- again!

It's the August issue of Pink Mag! I have two articles in it -- the cover story on PBB Teen Big Winner Kim Chiu and tidbits on Korean superstah, Rain.

Take note of Star Studio's August ish too with Sam Milby and Toni Gonzaga on the cover. Read the articles on Star Magic's newest hotties and best friends Nikki Valdez-Rica Peralejo plus Carla Loren - Pauleen Luna. Done by yours truly too. :)

Available in bookstores and suking supermarkets and newstands nationwide. (Bili na kayo para matuwa si Cherry nai)*heh*

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Testing beauty stuff

Here I am again doing silly stuff. Last night me and Randy bought this box of pore strips. Sucker for cute packaging, I chose the one with this girl cartoon on the front. At home as I closely inspected the box, it said "Made in Japan". Ah kaya naman pala na-magnet ako. So here I am modelling the pore strip for you guys. And I am glad to report that I don't have much blackheads on my nose (unless press release lang yung nasa box na nakakalinis siya). *heh*