Wednesday, March 29, 2006

sine klasiks

edu manzano in yellow spandex? i almost laughed out loud when i saw herbert bautista morph into captain barbell yesterday. and man, the effects were hilarious. and now they are showing once upon a time two starring dolphy. winner talaga ang trip to memory lane.

and the most amusing fact to know about these movies? i watched it on the big screen with my sisters and relatives. promise. pati magic to love ata ni raymond wong at kris aquino hindi namin pinalagpas.

hay the days of lot-lot, tito, vic and joey, jimmy santos and that's entertainment. oy don't forget your birchtree ha. :)

Friday, March 24, 2006


i'm so lazy to blog lately. so i'm gonna do a bullet point presentation today...

*i feel sick, i wanna go home.
*i feel so fat.
*i lack vacation funds --rant,rant.
*i want to sleep.
*thank god wala na si kevin covais sa american idol.
*i missed the amazing race (who got in last?)
*i have to do the laundry tomorrow.
*nagbake ako ng cupcakes that taste like pancakes

and last but not the least...

*i feel sick i wanna go home.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Never judge another person's scars, because you don't know how they got them.

i never in my whole life thought i would be called a slut. yes you read that right. and to think the person who thinks i am does not even really know me. he was the one who even said that we are not close friends. and lalaki ang taong ito.

you don't know who i am and where i came from. you don't know personal stories about my past nor my family. i may have made mistakes with some decisions in my life and learned from them. falling from grace doesn't give you the power to judge me that way. what gives you the right to condemn me?

we tried to be your friend. heck we even shunned other people from our circle for you. but then they were the ones who were right. we were never really enemies with them so huwag mong sasabihin na pinaplastik namin sila. tumahimik lang kami ng dahil sa yo. and don't be so righteous about yourself. blaming others for calling me names, kaya ginawa mo? ginaya mo ang taong galit sa akin? again back to my first point. you don't KNOW me enough to say those things. di ba unjust yun?

i knew this fact from other people so i couldn't defend myself. though it is useless for me to reason out din dahil ikaw lagi ang tama. alam ko sa una pa lang you didn't treat me as a friend. hinusgahan mo na ko. so i stayed away from you. pero para tawagin mo ako ng ganon sa ibang tao, ibang usapan na yan. i have never said anything about you that people around us didn't know already. face me like a man you say you are.

sa mga nagaakalang kaibigan siya, ingat lang kayo baka iba na ang tawag niya sa inyo pagtalikod niyo.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

doing the math

my brain has favored doing math equations lately. don't get me wrong, i'm no calculus genius yet. it's just that i'm so worried about my financial status that i cannot get it out of my head. i hate thinking of this shit day in and day out.

Monday, March 13, 2006


i thought the strawberry milk carton plush doll was cute but weird... pero madami papala siyang kamag-anak...

clockwise: meet strawberry, non-fat, soy and chocolate

and some bread to go with it...

one whole bakery...

for more plush thingies visit

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

oscars sighting

my mobile phone beeps. a text message from my aunt.

tita: nanay mo ba yung nandun sa chika minute? nakita ko siya sa oscars.
me: (puzzled) ano po yung chika min? wala naman po syang nabanggit the other day when she called.
tita: sa channel 7. i swear siya yun. smiling, katabi nung ininterview ni lhar santiago.
me: eh kaya naman pala di ko alam kapuso pala pinapanood niyo. sige i'll ask her.

i send an SMS to my mom right after.

me: ma nakita ka daw ni tita sa TV sa ch.7. asa oscars ka ba?
ma: oo, i'll tell you about it later. antok na ko.

nge! ang showbiz talaga ng nanay ko...

later that night i waited for the GMA evening news. no mistaking, nanay ko nga yun!

Monday, March 06, 2006

the kid in me

i miss the kid in me. lately i feel that i've been missing her. i think she got lost. somewhere. don't get me wrong i still love hello kitty, the color pink, cute korean stuff -- kpop artists included, flip flops, rabbits, seventeen magazines and juvenille books.

but lately i feel like i've been caught up in too many grown-up stuff that the kid took a step back, packed some things up and went on vacation.

i miss the days when i could think of nothing but trivial stuff. i miss my fanatic days. my do-nothing-but-read-a-book or watch TV days. i also miss the-save-for-that-favorite-shoe days.

jopen would often say that i am a 27-year-old thinking like a 40-year-old. flattering that i think maturely for my age but sometimes i wanna turn that logical/analitical thinker in me off.

that's what i hate growing up. you come around to reality. *ugh*

Friday, March 03, 2006

thanks mom!

i was listening to chico and delamar this morning, their topic was top 10 sexist comments you've heard/received. del (close kami) commented that she read somewhere that a big percent of an offsping's intelligence comes from the mother. curious about it, i looked it up on the net when i got here at the office.


Intelligence is not only affected by simple heredity, such as dominant and recessive alleles, multiple allele combinations, or sex-linkage, but it was recently discovered that imprinted genes also contribute a great deal to an individual's intellect. Imprinted genes are different from ordinary genes that are inherited from both the mother and father. In regard to ordinary genes, it is impossible to determine which gene was inherited from each parent. On the other hand, "Imprinted genes are different. They carry a biochemical label that reveals their parental origin and determines whether or not they are active inside the cells of the offspring" (Vines 34). Research has shown that "some imprinted genes work only if they come from the mother. The same gene is silenced if it is inherited via the sperm, rather than the egg. Other imprinted genes operate the other way round and are only switched on if they are inherited from the father" (Vines 34).

Some breakthrough research has suggested that imprinted genes have an integral role in the inheritance of intelligence. The investigation suggests that the "mother's genes play the dominant role in the development of the parts of her offsprings' brains that are responsible for intelligence. The father's genes, on the other hand, may shape ... the parts of their brains that influence emotional make-up" (Vines 34). Although research continues to find out more about the imprinted genes that influence intelligence, one preliminary hypothesis is that the "mother's genes make the biggest contribution to the part of the brain that society values most - the cortex" (Vines 38), which is the portion of the brain that is responsible for intellectual skills such as language and the ability to plan ahead.

so i want to thank my mom for giving me this brain. :)
go and thank yours too.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

revenge of a bibimbap girl

An excerpt from a gorilla blog... i didn't know i released my first CD. i dunno where my royalties went either since it went platinum --dillusional.

"...*BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! If you enjoyed these albums from Bitter Gourd Talent and Tire Management Consultancy, there's more music for your CD selection from our BIBIMBAP girls collection.

Patty Petron exudes sensuality, and it manifests itself in her music. She enthralled us with her self-titled album "Album no. 1", now let her soothing voice soar to high heavens with this remarkable CD. Also, catch her in her lounge act at the Century Park Sheraton to hear the songs live, as they should be heard.

Don't Say Goodbye
Friends, in Love
This Time I'll be Sweeter
Never Let Him Slip Away
Breaking Us in Two
Passenger Seat
Moonlight Over Paris
After the Love Has Gone
Smiling Face
...her own version of Keith Martin's Because of You "

so i'm releasing my 1.5 album titled eventually v.02. maganda yan may remix version ng Because of You (the extended bibimbap remix; rap done by Cody of P3) and bonus tracks Leron Leron Sinta and Fiera ni Juan.

buy your copies now in all leading SM recordbars, astrovision, tower one and odyssey outlets. brought to you by Chingu Records and BGTTMC (Bitter Gourd Talent and Tire Management Consultancy).