Friday, July 08, 2005

another year older

If you read this, even if I don't speak to you often, you must post a memory of me. It can be anything you want, it can be good or bad, just so long as it happened.

i remember posting this before. but due to some messed up situation it got buried somewhere around here.

it has been a long journey, my 27 years and i want you, the one reading this to answer.

think of it as a gift for me.


igor said...

Yellow, Memory of U... Hmmm... ^_^
Dunno if you still remember me but I and my ofcmates were drunk when Cherry introduced us at that drinking place in front of ABS-CBN the name of which I can't remember (I was that giddy). O_o;;

Ver said...

Uy Patty -- birthday mo ba? Hehe.

gelamae said...

ate patty, may isang tao ka bang ibig paabutan ng post mo? well, kahit hindi ako iyon, may message pa rin ako sayo:
i will always remember ate patty as an angel...kung kaya niya, tutulungan ka talaga niya para makuha mo lang ang 'kaligayahan' mo for that moment...sobrang idol ko ito when it comes to fashion...wish ko lang na magkaroon ka ng more successful lovelife kasi, in other aspects of your life, very happy ka na...miss you!

eventuallypretty said...

@ igor: yup youre right. we met that night and that was at edong's.

@ ver: yes it is.

@ gela: no particular person. i just want to remember good times with you guys. :)

uchisan said...

hmmm.... i remember:

1. when we first realized that we both listened to kpop (during one of the GTs).

2. when I dubbed you as a lookalike of Shyne (and yung secret admirer mo). (^-^)

3. when you, me, and tina would PM each other to "edit" some emails sent to us.

4. when you passed the phone to Sandy while you guys were crossing the street and I called you on your mobile.

5. when we spent the entire EB rolling our eyes at the other end of the table

hehe! dami niyan. marami pa pero ni limit ko na lang to 5.

happy birthday, pattygel. miss na kita.

tinawjj said...

- meeting you for the first time sa g4 foodchoices. naintimidate ako. hehe. pero ngayon hindi na.
- the tec girls crashing at your house making those huge-ass banners and props for the vanness concert. tas nagsisigawan sa panonood ng abcdef4.
- finding out that you were into kpop as well, and you and uchi orienting me.
- overnights sa mga hotel after ng mga GTs. i remember how you always always were one of those na nauunang matulog, thus getting the better spots sa bed. late ka rin pala nagigising (parang ako. hehe).
- that last discussion we had when we hung out sa gb. wala lang. parang first time na we discussed something serious?

i'm sad we don't get to see each other much now. and parang we rarely got the chance to really talk you know? but i hope we get more chances in the future.

yak magdrama ba ko? di bagay.

happy birthday!

poison ivy said...

first encounter with patty? when she interviewed us for an f4 article in star studio mag. yung second? nung nagpakamatay yung supposed to be taiwanese boyfriend ko (ay hindi pala, nung nambugbog sya ng bestfriend tapos halos mamatay sa aksidente nung binasted ko hahaha!) tapos we were in megamall foodcourt crying buckets of tears and finding the easiest and quickest way to fly to taiwan to meet the fockers, este parents pala (hahaha! ulit). then in starbucks formulating something. maaksyon yun. then in hotels screaming our lungs out when the boys come up on stage in benny hairdos. then in front of a hundred fans, emceeing a program. then in registration booths of ggt's. then in hotels pulling bed sheets left and right. then in front of ultra before a one hundred kilometer line on a very memorable christmas afternoon. then in abs-cbn office touring me around. then in australia running after the kangaroos. then in new york walking on a red carpet. then in spain drinking water from the fountain. then in paris sipping coffee. then in rome visiting the pope. then in hawaii in string bikinis enjoying pina coladas.

Quentin said...


i believe i never met you :}

Jopen said... sobrang dami baka mapuno ito... hehehe... i just know that our bitukas are intertwined sa sobrang intimacy ng friendship natin... we're more than blood sisters... i think one thing i couldnt forget was kebo's 7th bday last dec when you helped me handle the "taranta" moments of prep... you are one friend i could always count on and that's why i swear that i wont just be your friend forever but i'll also provide the love of the big sister and mother you've felt you never had enough... o ano punta ka na dito!

nhila517tm said...

oh ayan, naku ate patty! parang tinamaan ako dun sa request mo, hehehe! kaya eto i decided to drop a message...ooppss... ano nga pala nangyare sa bday mo? Binati ka ba ng someone na ine-expect mong babati syo? ...di ko alam if you had a blast sa bday mo but i hope kahit papano, in some ways, you did enjoy it...isipin mo na lang... isipin mo na lang, "HAM YAN! ... HEHEHE!

suyin said...

happy bday blockmate! ;) remember our G10 days. ;)

ahirunopekkles said...

patty..the first time i met you...that was like oct of were wearing huge dangling earings na may star, a skirt, slippers, and you were carrying a large bag with cute key chains on it...i said to myself...this is one person who dress with character... and my outlook in fashion has never been the fact even my sister always have you in mind when she plans her outfit. sister youre a fashion icon...hahaha

seriously...youre a dear dear friend and im so happy to be a part of your life and vice versa. thanks for trusting me with your passwords... i will guard it with my life..if i can remember where it is (basta its in here somewhere)

be happy :)hbd :)

misspinkster said...

bhbd. :) iba na talaga buhay ko ngayon. grr. di ko na namamalayan na umaandar ang araw at nagpapalit ang date sa calendar... feeling ko na stuck na yung date sa june 21. grrr (1st day ko kasi yan sa office.)

...eto lang masasabi ko, idol ko si ate patty! hehe. muah. miss you!

eventuallypretty said...

@ uchi: grammar police! hahaha...yeah and yung secret admirer. aysus! and you forgot the lee jae jin!

@ tina: nyek you were intimidated? and yung serious usapan...hopefully di yun ang huli. busy na kasi kayo sa mga korean papas niyo hehe...

@ ivy: ang di ko makakalimutang interview. ang nagbukas ng kabaliwan na yun harhar. hopefully we'd get to the hawaii part and by the time kaya pa natin magstring bikinis! :)

@ quentot: oh you've seen glimpses of me. we should discuss manga and anime more often though di na ko masyadong updated. and yes i was a semi-geek before.

@ jopen: mader! wala akong masabi. wala talaga. *teardrop* miss you!!!

@ nhils: ito isa pa tong pasaway...haha... salamat, joyride forever :)

@leah: we need to see each other para ma-update ka nanamin. di ko akalain na pati si lally naimpluwensyahan ko na haha... pinalitan ko nga pala password ko dito, update din kita about that *lol*

@ moren: hay naku start pa lang yan. sana naman makita kita one of these days. miss ko na haf mods.

cherry-flavored ampalaya said...

o ayan. first day ko with internet access after some time.

first memory ko of you? girl with long hair and glasses with ivy (not aybiwu) na naging intern namin ni bambi (not the rain/f4 fan). pinakilala ka sa amin as the inaanak of one of the bossings so we said ingat tayo diyan. spy ng upper management! hehehe

eventuallypretty said...

@ tserinai: yeah i was soo geeky back then. di pa ko girly ng mga panahong yun. and they were the ones who came up with the inaanak idea. para siguro di niyo ko alilain and be all nice and friendly to me. it got me a 1.25 o 1.75 rating ata kay freida. heehee...