Friday, July 15, 2005

blog muse missing

i've been lamenting to cherry yesterday that i can't think of anything to write on my blog. its as if my blog muse has been used up and bled dry. she said "e di write about stuff happening to you today." well that's the problem. i'm doing nothing. i should be rejoicing about that right but i'm so bored. oh well. here's a few ramblings.

the boat is sinking
thats the term i used to describe the country's recent predicament over the gloriagate scandal (umm patty is this you talking about politics in your blog? *scratch head*). everyone at the office and even over the TEC yahoogroup feel like bailing ship, migrating to the US, Canada, Australia even as far as Cayman Islands (and can someone enlighten me where that is? im too lazy to google it). and while everyone is talking about this i picture myself lizzie maguire like, a cartoon with a stick proding at it. i don't know what's wrong with me lately but i can't seem to bring myself to the thought of leaving the country right now. i have the strong desire to improve my life but i haven't pictured myself somewhere out there as of late. when i graduated from college i sooo wanted to go abroad but now the urge seems to have been placed in a file in my head amongst other things i want to do. i need a push in the right direction...BUT for now what i need to figure out is which direction this entry is going to, so on to the next topic.

more taxes?!!@#$@&^**!*ss
cherry also dropped a mini bomb on my other wise boring day. as a contributing writer for abs-cbn publishing, it is now required by the BIR that i register myself and have a recipt to give the office everytime they get my services. bummer! it's a hassle for me, specially now that writing jobs for abs publishing is a scarcity (due to the on going pagtitipid measures) and i get like 2-3 assignments a year! err. as if i am not paying enough taxes already. *fume*

isaw trippin'
since we can leave the office a little early than the usual, the aalis na gang decided to take a trip to lydia's grill. where's that you ask? it's in greenpark village in pasig. wow layo namang trip yan right? the reason we went there is for the yummy bbq, isaw and other grilled stuff tita lydia (joseph bitangcol's mom) sells at their small shop in the village. it was an isaw trip alright (had 5 sticks *burp*) and C2 apple. *sigh* it was fun going on another road trip with the aalis na gang. and we got to catch up on things. and i got teary eyed with the concern they had for me. i didn't know that. jerry even asking for ... ah never mind. thanks guys. *teardrop* :) at least you didn't abandon ship or washed your hands off me like some peeps i know. *sniff*

aww...nuff of the drama. and obviously we're done with the archive sorting awhile ago. i had enough time to post these nonsense over here. heh.

so would you rather have the angsty patty? or the bored patty?


Jopen said...

kailangan pa bang imemorize yan????----- syempre ANGSTY PATTY!!!!...hekhekhek.... 6 weeks na lang kita na ulit tayo!!!!!!

cherry-flavored ampalaya said...

huwag makinig kay jopen! mwehehehe
less angst, less stress, less wrinkles