Monday, July 11, 2005

2 days after...

...i'm nursing a cold. *sniff* i've been feeling a bit down since saturday.

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sneezed 5x the minute i stood up from bed

...i bought myself a gift. yes i used my plastic money once again. i'm buried deep in debt. but i just couldn't resist buying the bayo bag i've had my eye on for so long. it was on sale at 50% off! my long search for a green bag is over. :)

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of course it's green!

...i went on my japanese mode. i just couldn't resist cutesy japanese stuff hence i bought this lunch box. turning japanese again -- kawaii!!!

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posing very japanese like if i should say so myself. lakas ng trip. is spaghetti day! my most requested spaghetti. people here at the office remember it everytime my birthday comes along... hehehe... ana's whining, she didn't get here in time for lunch so she had none. oh well there's always next year :)

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it's too late for me to take a pic of the spaghetti now so this pic is lifted from the net. *lol*


Quentin said...

yuck, tulo uhog. yuck yuck

cherry-flavored ampalaya said...

ano ba yan. kahit sisinga eh downward angle of the picture pa rin. heehee