Tuesday, July 19, 2005

something, something...

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my room. finally. kamsamnida uchi, unni.

oh-k. that's me obviously being silly. me, uchi, tina, cherry, ia and marie went on a korean immersion trip last saturday. i felt so deprived of the 'korean experience' reading stuff from uchi's blog, i just had to make time for it. for the full story read uchi's account of the whole day (minus what happened at glorietta 4 after she dropped us off. secret nanamin yun nina tina hehehe.)

here's another something for you guys. from leah naman this time. is this who i am? whatchu think? *lol* comments very welcome. :)

-Fun to be with. (aherm)
-Secretive. (well to an extent. various people who know me know a variety of my secrets)
-Difficult to fathom and to be understood. (hmm not really. or am i?)
-Quiet unless excited or tensed.(uhm. yeah :) )
-Takes pride in oneself. (yeah in a way.)
-Has reputation.(err good or bad? hehe...)
-Easily consoled.
-Honest. (ana says i can't keep a straight face when i lie!)
-Concerned about people's feelings. (very.)
-Tactful. (alam ko naman kung kelan bubusina.)
-Friendly. (sobra na nga ata minsan.)
-Approachable. (but people tend to get intimidated first time meeting me.)
-Emotional temperamental and unpredictable. (an understatement!)
-Moody and easily hurt. (boo-hoo. such a cry baby.)
-Witty and sparkly. (oh i am sparkly alright. haha.)
-Not revengeful. (yes, bahala na si lord sa inyo.)
-Forgiving but never forgets. (ahh. this is very me.)
-Dislikes nonsensical and unnecessary things. (umm remember the lunchbox i just bought?)
-Guides others physically and mentally.(uhh what kind of guidance? *wink*)
-Sensitive and forms impressions carefully. (i see the best in people.)
-Caring and loving. (aherm.)
-Treats others equally. (well i do tend to have favorites sometimes...)
-Strong sense of sympathy. (mamahalin kita kahit sino ka man. yaks.)
-Wary and sharp. (mahilig magduda ba yung wary? hehe...)
-Judges people through observations.
-Hardworking. (me? ulk.)
-No difficulties in studying. (well i somehow passed math 1 hahaha...)
-Loves to be alone. (not all the time. just to think.)
-Always broods about the past and the old friends. (yes i miss my HS friends)
-Likes to be quiet. (i like observing!)
-Homely person.(only for a few days. i get restless staying at home for 2 days straight.)
-Waits for friends. (yeah kahit maiksi ang pasensiya ko.)
-Never looks for friends. (i never look intentionally. im happy i find them in the most unusual circumstances.)
-Not aggressive unless provoked. (i dont like confrontations. tatahimik na lang ako.)
-Prone to having stomach and dieting problems.
-Loves to be loved. (who doesn't?)
-Easily hurt but takes long to recover. (hmm. one day lang ok na ko. haha plastic...)

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ahirunopekkles said...

next time sama ko sa myroom...aw youre in front of the fullhouse dvd's..nice:)