Monday, July 18, 2005

drama platinum

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another lesson learned from a korean drama. was watching love's pinwheel last night with my sister. a holiday episode, the characters of the show were present at a sunrise festival and each of them made a wish as the sun rose over their town's horizon. one of the main characters, young-gyu makes a silent wish that goes something like this:

" Please make my heart's desires come true. But if you have a hard time fulfilling it, instead banish this longing inside of me so that i won't look for it anymore."

i wish i have the courage to say that.


cherry-flavored ampalaya said...

This on Arirang?

I often wonder at the bits of wisdom one can pick up from telenovelas. Woe that life was the same way.

uchisan said...

yep it's on Arirang. at least di FOB yung subtitles. :)

ahirunopekkles said...

wow nice wish...why didnt i think of that? maybe next time...asa pa...har har :)