Friday, July 01, 2005

semi-happy today

watched war of the worlds last night with a friend. i almost didn't say yes but good thing i did. it got my mind off things. that movie was so tiring. seemed like i was running with tom cruise and dakota fanning the whole 2 hours. the movie is something you should see with someone you can hold on to. yung tipong pwede mong sakalin at palupaluin *lol*. or someone na pwede mong pagsamantalahan. harhar. i was expecting the movie to be a little bit like independence day, then i got the shock of my life --- don't worry i won't be spoiling the ending for you guys. i just didn't like the way the film ended.

my day's off to a good start. got one of my dilemma's semi-solved. i got only one deadline left. i'm gonna be out of the office later. hopefully my day's gonna end well.

wow july na pala. how time flies.


cherry-flavored ampalaya said...

good to know you're only semi-depressed.

uy, lapit na birthday ah. time for the bitter barkada to party?

poison ivy said...

if you can see, i was checking you blog every now and then today, just to make sure you're ok na. nice to know you are. :)