Thursday, April 27, 2006


After churning out word after word yesterday, seems like I'm finally stumped. I'm forcing myself to write (work wise) but my eyes, hands and brain coordination seem not to be in sync. The episode guides are now getting to be quite a mountain. And I don't think it will become even a mole hill any time soon.

And since I am financially strapped I accepted another writing job for Star Studio yesterday with a deadline today. I turned in another assignment from them last Tuesday (that was due Monday, blame my 'surprise' work assignment). This is the most number of articles I've done in a week. I think it could be an equivalent of my half a year's work in TC, oh way back then.

Should go back to my article. It's due in about 2 hours.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

hell week

I've been work ladden since Monday. The word processing machine in my brain is probably overheating. I can't even put a decent entry in here. Haven't seen my friends in ages (a week feels jurassic to me). My boyfriend is threatening to take me to a horror flick on our monthsary. I'm having a hard time finding clothes that fit. My episode guides are piling up and Panday is just killing me.

This is probably what I'd look like by Friday. @_@

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Grammar Lessons

I'm currently having grammar lessons on the net (what's good about learning this way is that you can even write in your blog whenever you want to, without getting a scolding from the teacher). Anyway, I'm getting more concious about the stuff I've been writing lately, me already a grammar OC (obssesive compulsive if you must know what the two letters mean). Example topics are "What Is an Interjection, and How Do I Punctuate It?" and "The Loyal Apposition". Don't ask me yet what those things are because I'm still reading up on it.

I think I have come into terms with myself that I have to live with being a writer (yeah this has just dawned on me lately after taking up four years of Journalism in college and making a living as a writer for six years) and that I should better myself at what I am doing. Hence the grammar lessons. I could be Chief Grammar Police in a few days or so. *heh*. Or so I wish... Pwede bang mangotong ng ganitong 'pulis'? I might just turn into an overnight millionaire. *lol*

Just a note -- I have now capitalized my I(s)and the beginning of my sentences. I also plan to put proper commas, quotation marks and other punctuation marks in the right places. I pledge allegiance to the grammar gods and leaders from this day forward (I'm keeping fingers crossed behind my back).

Monday, April 17, 2006

house bound reporting

it's back to the grinding board! another toxic monday. i was excited to go back to work actually. aircondition finally! ah...i truly languished in the heat over the long weekend. my sis and i were like buns baking in the oven *lol*

aside from perspiring (ladies don't sweat haha) i wasn't able to accomplish much as i have thought i would. i did do my laundry. and that was pretty much it. hehehe. oh and i did watch most of the k-movie dvd's i have collected in a month. hmm... my list includes mr.housewife, he's so gorgeous, 100 days with mr. arrogant, afrika (which was pretty bad), jenny juno, love so divine and the classic. i still have a few more titles left though.

we also had an animax and hero tv marathon. hmm...what else...bucky's booted out of idol. i want the pickles next. teehee.

and the highlight of it all...we caught the fat mouse that has been bugging the hell out of me for days!!! yey!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

house bound

new look around here...this is as far as i could get. hehe. hope you all like it. i know francis will be commenting "green nanaman???" sige kain ka muna ng grass. :)

well i know most of you guys will be going on vacation for the next 3-4 days. me, you know where to find me. i'll be staying home with pia, would probably attend to neglected household chores i.e. laundry duties, scrubbing the bathroom floor, sweeping my room (broom meet bedroom floor, floor meet broomy)and having a korean movie marathon.

i don't go out of town during the holy week. i still believe in reflecting during these times and not treating it as a time to rest, time to go on a vacation and have fun. i have this fear in the back of my mind that lightning might strike me or a mini tsunami sweeping over some island should i parteee on those 3 days. it's just 3 days out of the whole year besides sundays (na madalas kahati pa ng malling and catching up on sleep) to offer to HIM.

oh if you are going out there, somewhere, take care and have fun. and try to think about HIM even for a little while.

signing off for now. ta-ta.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

under construction

work in progress... for your reading pleasure. ha.

please bear with my stupidity with codes. i am re-learning a lot of stuff.
more girly stuff to come *lol*

Monday, April 10, 2006

si brenda ang bidang kontrabida

ang nakaraan:

sa pagpipilit ni brenda na siya ang nasa tama, isa isa na siyang nilayuan ng kanyang mga kaibigan. at bago pa siya maunahan ng kanyang ex-friends sa iniisip niyang paghihiganti ng mga ito sa kanya nagsimula na siyang magisip kung paano siya makaka-resbak sa mga ito.

pero sa dami ng kasamaang naiisip ni brenda na gagawin niya sa ibang tao, gumawa na siya ng isang checklist dahil mahirap nang may makalimutan siya...

things to do today:

1.) manlait ng tao (check)
2.) look somebody down from head to toe (check)
3.) ikwento ang sinabi ni annie na sinabi niya kay donna na sinabi niya kay lara tungkol kay bea. ikalat pa ito sa ibang kakilala namin (check)
4.) magkalat ng false info tungkol kay david - na isa siyang mahirap at nagpapangap. (check)
5.) sunugin ang bahay ko para makakuha ng insurance.
6.) mag-hire ng detective na mag-spy kay regina. (check)
7.) tangalan ng brake ang sasakyan ni boss.
8.) connive with budoy para pabagsakin si keanna.
9.) ipapulot ang bracelet kay analiza sa putikan sa pamamagitan ng kanyang mga ngipin.
10.) kumuha ng ka-look alike para magpangap na ako (check)
11.) patirin si eloisa (check)
12.) i-perfect ang halakhak ng tagumpay...mwahahaha (check)
13.) ibili ng regalo si rhoda - kunwari mabait ako sa kanya (check)
14.) magkunwaring hinimatay at umakap kay marco na timing na makikita ni lulu (check)
15.) basahin ang diary ni gary sa ilalim ng unan niya (check)
16.) idelete ang file para sa presentation bukas ni vivian (check)

magtagumpay kaya siya sa mga masama niyang balakin? maniwala kaya ang mga tao sa kanyang tsismis? sa kanyang pagpapanggap? maalala kaya ni brenda na pira-pirasuhin at sunugin ang listahan niya bago mahuli ang lahat?

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


i wasn't in a very good mood this morning so i was a bit cranky riding the MRT. so sullen me noticed all the most annoying things i could possibly see in the station and on the train...

*why is that some people confuse which side of the station goes to the north and to the south? like duh. san ka ba papunta? E di dun din yung direksyon ng tren ng MRT. s-t-u-p-i-d. (mainit talaga ang ulo ko kanina...)

*guys who can't keep their legs to themselves. meaning yung mga nakabubukaka na halos i-occupy na ang buong seat sa MRT. kala mo naman malaki ang...katawan. *lol*

*people who talk as if they are the only people on the train. (i've written an entry about this before. medyo guilty dito yung mga call center agents na may pa-english english pa, ahehehe sorry sa mga tatamaan) at mga taong kala mo sila lang ang may cellphone sa buong mundo. hello! (telephone? *lol*)

*just a quirk. i noticed a real gorgeous guy on the train and sad to say he had a big turn off. he looked like a model but he had no ass! wehehehe...ang panget pala nun!

okay. now that's off my chest...on to breaking news....

the ponkan's dead. and gone to heaven...
may it rest in peace in my stomach...

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

ang ponkan

this ponkan is lording over me today...
reminds me of mican on UFO Baby...
i'm gonna eat it later mwahaha...