Wednesday, April 12, 2006

house bound

new look around here...this is as far as i could get. hehe. hope you all like it. i know francis will be commenting "green nanaman???" sige kain ka muna ng grass. :)

well i know most of you guys will be going on vacation for the next 3-4 days. me, you know where to find me. i'll be staying home with pia, would probably attend to neglected household chores i.e. laundry duties, scrubbing the bathroom floor, sweeping my room (broom meet bedroom floor, floor meet broomy)and having a korean movie marathon.

i don't go out of town during the holy week. i still believe in reflecting during these times and not treating it as a time to rest, time to go on a vacation and have fun. i have this fear in the back of my mind that lightning might strike me or a mini tsunami sweeping over some island should i parteee on those 3 days. it's just 3 days out of the whole year besides sundays (na madalas kahati pa ng malling and catching up on sleep) to offer to HIM.

oh if you are going out there, somewhere, take care and have fun. and try to think about HIM even for a little while.

signing off for now. ta-ta.


kalypso said...

same here patty, i don't remember ever going out of town during holy the new look.. sana ako ren matuto nyan, hehehe!

Quentin said...

i like the green grass and green feet up on top. classic XD

igor said...

I feel like singing "The hills are alive..." :D