Thursday, April 20, 2006

Grammar Lessons

I'm currently having grammar lessons on the net (what's good about learning this way is that you can even write in your blog whenever you want to, without getting a scolding from the teacher). Anyway, I'm getting more concious about the stuff I've been writing lately, me already a grammar OC (obssesive compulsive if you must know what the two letters mean). Example topics are "What Is an Interjection, and How Do I Punctuate It?" and "The Loyal Apposition". Don't ask me yet what those things are because I'm still reading up on it.

I think I have come into terms with myself that I have to live with being a writer (yeah this has just dawned on me lately after taking up four years of Journalism in college and making a living as a writer for six years) and that I should better myself at what I am doing. Hence the grammar lessons. I could be Chief Grammar Police in a few days or so. *heh*. Or so I wish... Pwede bang mangotong ng ganitong 'pulis'? I might just turn into an overnight millionaire. *lol*

Just a note -- I have now capitalized my I(s)and the beginning of my sentences. I also plan to put proper commas, quotation marks and other punctuation marks in the right places. I pledge allegiance to the grammar gods and leaders from this day forward (I'm keeping fingers crossed behind my back).


taorist said...

Wow. Englesh titser.

Whatabout japanese to enlish?

Check this wholesome video LOLZ!!!!


Kaytee said...

Wow, grammar girl ka na talaga! Wait, where are you taking grammar lessons? There's so much bad grammar surrounding me here, feeling ko mahahawa na ako! Hehe.


Patty! Share the link! My grammar (and my brain) has slowly deteriorated over the years due to limited use...I need to brush up on my skills so I can make lait again over the Net...(I wish I could be Chinese Garter again)

kalypso said...

hey pat, baka pde na ren kitang kunin na english teacher to help out badette :)

beachbutterfly said...

hey patty.. i haven't read your blog for ages. Glad to read your doing well.. kahit na nagiging OC ka na pala. hehehe.

well.. i won't be capitalizing or punctuating anytime soon. sorry!

looking forward to reading more about your life.

cherry-flavored ampalaya said...

ey, anong url yan? I seriously need to brush up with all the copy editing duties being dumped on me.

Quentin said...

oh please don't hit us, Ms. Grammar Police Ma'am!

be gentle, meow (=^_^=)

eventuallypretty said...

here's the link:

cf said...

A must have: The Elements of Style, by Strunk and White. Available at National Book Store. Can't live without it!