Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Geisha vs. Jang Gyong (or whatever the spelling is)

Our Christmas party this year was themed United Nations. And I brilliantly remembered Freddie having a Japanese get-up so, there you are, I'm a moshi moshi anone girl. :) There's a prize for Best in Costume and sadly Ms. Jang-Gyong (Ann in real life) beat me to it. I planned on wearing a hanbok actually but had a hard time finding one. So you can just say I almost had the bag in my hands but lost it. *heh* Most of the peeps there took advantage of our boss, the gorgeous *ahem* Paolo Pineda. But I wasn't one of 'em hahaha. If you wanna view more pics of the event just visit here.

Anyhows, been to another Christmas Party with some of the guys from PEX (which we all don't frequent as much as before). It was fun seeing Francis, Pao, Chelo, Tselo, Anna and Jenneth again. We haven't seen each other in months (almost a year yung iba) so we had a lot of catching up to do. Badette and Joy couldn't make it but hopefully we'd all see each other again soon (tuwing Pasko na lang ba 'to guys?).

I have another party to attend later -- the Star Magic Christmas Party. I planned not to attend before because I had some baggages left over from being laid off. But Cherry made me realize that I should ditch the angst and get over it. Well, I guess I did.

More cam whoring to share later. :)

Friday, December 15, 2006

They want my treasure so they get their pleasures from my photo.


And my new shoes...

Wish ko lang. :p

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Give me wisdom, plain and truthful...

I was in a rush to get to work the other day (I stayed up late, tinkering my Sims too much) and I boarded one of our building elevators with two men (one is pretty familiar to Cherry -- haha guess who!). Anyway, I was minding my own business but I could not help but listen to their conversation because their voices were a bit louder than the norm. Their chat went a bit like this...

Man 1: So you had a great time?
Man 2: Yeah, I did! I'm 37 years old and I haven't dated a smart girl like her in my whole life.

Then as I got off my floor, I wondered about Man 2. It was either...

a.) He's real superficial choosing dates.
b.) He hangs out at places no coherent conversation is possible.
c.) He lives under a rock and has just crawled out to the sunshine.
d.) His smart meter is waaay off the charts. He just dated the woman version of Albert Einstein recently.

You can add to the choices if you like. I can't fathom myself the correct answer.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

De do do do, De da da da

I'm at my wits end thinking of a gift for my uncle and his wife. Every year my sister and I get stumped as to what stuff we should be getting them. First, they are a bit well-off. Second, my uncle fancies artsy and expensive stuff which we can't afford. Third, ang labo nila! *lol* We've given shower gels, figurines na out of the ordinary,coffee table books, fluffy bedroom slippers, colognes, polo-shirts...My creative gift giving powers are running out!

Well, you see we kinda feel obligated cause my uncle helped put us to school. Kaya lang ang daya, their whole family gives me and my sisters one gift each, while we have to give each of their family members one. Yeah, yeah, I know gift giving should be 'taos sa puso' but sometimes there are relatives you just can't seem to find a perfect gift.

Oh well, back to gift hunting...

Monday, December 04, 2006

I was cryin' when I met you, now I'm dying to forget you

You shouldn't compare yourself to others - they are more screwed up than you think. Quote for the day courtesy of Almond. Thanks for somehow making my day. :)

On the other side of the news...I don't want to be a grinch. I love Christmas. And giving gifts. But I think I'm slowly evolving into one.