Monday, September 24, 2007

You Know You Love Me...

I know, I know I'm juvenille. Eversince Teddy posted the Gossip Girl TV series trailer on his multiply, I became curious of what the books were all about. I have this rule you see of reading the original story of a series or movie before watching it on screen. I've done it with the Bone Collector, Harry Potter and LOTR -- well the first two books anyways. Bone Collector BTW had a lousy movie adaptation while LOTR stayed true to the books. Anyway, so I searched high and low at all the bookstores in Megamall the first book in the GG series and lucky me it was out of stock. But I did find it in National Megamall after some digging around and bought it at P299. Funny was the following day, my sis Pia saw a huge stack of books outside National Shangri-la. And lo and behold books 1&2 were on sale at P149 only! Imagine my inis hahaha...I bought the second book na rin.

Then just yesterday, my Tita Muriel asked us to go with her to David's Salon at Starmall to have a haircut. On the way there, we passed by this book sale and we started rummaging at the P99 bin. Well, well guess what...they had books 1-8 of the GG series there! Argh! I ended up buying books 3-8 for only P600! It was really a steal. I've rarely bought books in the last 4 years cause book collecting got sooo expensive. I only invested in the Travelling Pants series and the last HP books since I couldn't wait for mom to send our copies from the US. Since I've discovered a book mine at Starmall, I can't wait to get back to reading again :)

Friday, September 21, 2007


In the midst of a busy day in the office and my ton of Korean class assignments, I just had to stop and drool over this:
It approximately costs P72, +++ so I'm just gonna drool some more... Ok, a puddle's forming on my cubicle floor. Gotta go mop it up.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Medicated Strips

Yes. I'm indulging on them at the moment. My shoulder feels really painful, I've been enduring the pain since last night. I finally could not stand it (cause of the cold temp of the office) and bought myself a box of salonpas.

Now I'm stinking up the office with my "amoy matanda" smell pretty good. *lol*

Friday, September 07, 2007

Shameless Plugging Part 401

Buy the September issue of Star Studio Magazine with Angel Locsin and the Barretto sisters on the cover. I did the Sandara Park (again) article in The Biz section of the mag. :)

I thank you *bow*