Friday, April 27, 2007

When the boss is away...

I feel bad I've only made one entry for April. Sorry been really busy but today I've time on my hands for as you can see in the picture that the office is deserted. It's the ABSI outing today but the online team decided not to go -- who would update the sites???

Anyway, since there are no people here (there are some who also opted not to go, but I'm treating them as aliens *lol*) Me, Flow, Myra and Nap hammed it up in front of the camera ...

"Pigilan niyo ako tatalon akoooo..."

"A model for Renz Verano's MTV."

"Pinagsamantalahan ni Myra ang machong standee..."

Ang saya ng walang boss sa office... :)

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Ivy gets hitched

The F4FU mods were invited to Ivy's much awaited wedding last March 30. After 9 years plus 2 more (It's a complicated story) Ivy got married to her college sweetheart Mike. It was a rough road for both but in the end Ivy and Mike realized that they were really MFEO (made for each other). The (ex)mods were in incomplete attendance but it was also a reunion of sorts for some of the "originals" -- Johanne, Che, Anna and Tonie were there.

Funny how we girls all met and remained friends despite the 'weird' circumstances. During the hiatus in Mike and Ivy's relationship about 3 years ago, Ivy met a bunch of 'crazy' girls to distract herself. And look where we are now. *lol* We are so proud of ya Ivy! Mike, you better take good care of her!

I was the designated responsorial psalm reader but me and Mike's cousin Claire took on double duty for the guy readers didn't show up on time! I was shy and hid behind the podium, praying I don't fumble...(Ummm wag na magreact sa shy.)Oo, Uchi nakadress ako. :P

*more wedding pics view here.
*Know Ivy and Mike's love story here.