Monday, November 27, 2006

I'm not yours. What you waiting for?

Plastic Happy. All I wanted for Christmas were shiny, red, patent shoes. But I couldn't resist the pair I saw at Bayo. So I bought them yesterday! So yey, I have my shoes. And I'm walking with 'em to and fro work cause I don't have money for my fare hahaha. Just kidding. Domi already called mah shoes ruby slippers. Ah wish I could really go home like Dorothy. Be happy, happy, happy and worry free. But here I am doing Crazy for You episodes. *bleh*

Flow and I might have rejoiced just a tad too early. We might get stuck with her after all. I just wish she'd realize her so called friends are the ones spreading 'stuff' bout her. She might be drinking a lot of coffee from Starbucks everyday, however she has to unclog her nose and SMELL the coffee. I'd be happy if she leaves, but I feel she'd be happier in the process. IMHO.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Malas mo ikaw ang natipuhan ko.

I visited my old my space account and I can't help but reread my old blog. Gosh I was pretty bubbly yet full of bitterness back then! I'm actually amusing myself with my old entries. *lol* I used to write a lot of what I was feeling --without hesitation. I feel that old me has to be resurrected. So here I am making an entry like my old ones, in an attempt to, I dunno, be more honest to myself.

I'm confused. An old feeling is coming back to me. Because I had to feed my ego. And I can't shake it off. What's worse is that it's wrong. I know it is. I'm opening myself to hurt again and yet it's making me feel all excited. Yet sad. I want to get rid of these thoughts.The tingly feeling that makes my heart beat faster...

Shoo fly. Don't bother me. Please.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Meet Sniffer

My new bunny rabbit -- given by my boyfriend. We've passed him by several times at the mall and finally we got him. He's a holland lop. Pretty cute don't you think? But he's not so cute when he poops and wiwis. The down side of having a pet. And oh he has started gnawing at our curtains. He won't stay still long enough for me to take a decent photo of him.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Twick or Tweat!

I should have gone with the pig right? Went Halloween hat shopping with Randy for the contest at the office. I ended up with a pumpkin witch and viking hat. And didn't win. I could have won if I bought more hands to clap for me (Gaby was the only one there and she was more amused with Jollibee than me).

I won P125 in the parlor games though. Hirap kumita ng pera. *lol*