Saturday, January 01, 2011

Walking around the Taipei Zoo

I'm jumping days ahead of our other "tours" and will be writing about our journey to the Taipei Zoo. We took the Wenshan-Neihu line from the Main Taipei station where the last stop was the zoo (so it's easy to find). We went there comparatively early at around 9 o' clock because our flight back to Manila was also that evening. According to Wikipedia, the Taiwan Zoo is currently the biggest zoo in Asia. Since the zoo was really huge and we had time constraints, my sister and I decided to just visit the animals which we wanted to see, which includes the panda, the lion, the elephants, the koala and the penguins. If I visit Taiwan again, I'm going to go to the zoo again.
Breakfast at Dante's Coffee. The food was surprisingly good!
The longest escalator ride I have ever been on.
The entrance of the Taipei Zoo. Wearing sneakers for a comfy trek.
And the kinds of zoo poop greet us. rotfl.Which ones do you prefer?
The anticipated panda sighting. There are viewing times for the panda, which was handed out to us when we purchased our tickets. It confused us to what it meant at first but we finally figured it out and was able to see the panda in the nick of time.
And here are some of the elephants we saw. And they liked showing their behinds a lot. Lol. All of our elephant pics were like this.
And the zebras were like this too. hahaha. I suggest you bring an umbrella when visiting the zoo. It can get real hot and sticky. We were already 'wilting' when we got to the "Africa" section.
We found solace from the heat inside the "South Pole" section of the zoo. I love penguins. I find them cute, in the same category as rabbits, pandas and koalas.
This baby seal wanted to go home with me. Sadly I was already short on NTs and the white fur will be all gray and dirty in Manila in a few weeks time.
By this time we were very tired (the ice section is also way, way up the zoo's map) and we were literally dragging our feet. So riding the train to where we started was such a relief for our very tired soles.
The koala bear's glass viewing area is usually the first stop in the zoo. But the koalas were hiding when we arrived. So we checked them out again before we left and there they were. Lazily eating and hanging on the tree branches.
Before making a mad dash to the subway (we had a plane to catch) I really had to make this funny pose.
And our last meal in Taipei was at a food court near the hotel. And we also bought and ate special Mister Donut bears for dessert. Again. :)


Radar said...

Can you share more regarding the elephants of the Taipei Zoo? How many elephants there were, what species, etc? Thanks for the help!


eventuallypretty said...

Hello. There were asian and african elephants. That time i think there were 2 asian and 4 african ones. in separate holding areas.

Radar said...

Thank you very much for the help!