Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Tidus' first Halloween

I ordered a dinosaur costume for Tidus from Amazon for Halloween. I overestimated the size so it was a tad too big for him. I had to come up with a simple Halloween costume that doesn't involve masks, gloves or hard to remove body suits in case a diaper boo boo happens. Plus it must not be too expensive. So I  inspected Tidus' wardrobe and figured he can go as Super Mario after seeing his denim jumper. It took me three nights to work on his hat (a store-bought hat, which I customized with the letter M), a star and a mushroom. And these are the finished products.

Tidus went to two Halloween parties wearing this costume, the Mommy Talk Philippines one in Valle Verde 2 in Pasig and the Star Magic Halloween No Tricks, All Treats party.

I've discovered that I've become a crafty mommy! I could still do all those artsy stuff I did in elementary and high school.

There was another neighborhood Halloween party and since Tidus' overalls were in the laundry, I just  made him wear his shark shirt.


So what's the next adventure for Tidus and I? Well, Christmas is just around the corner :)


Marjorie G said...

Wow, real resourceful, and the costume actually looks good on him. Tidus looked cute. The dinosaur costume, maybe he could wear next year.

Anonymous said...

Hi EventuallyPretty, I just saw one of your comments from one of my old posts. It's already been awhile! Now, I am blogging via Namelessintaipei.com instead of A Raven Crows. Hope you can still visit! -Raven/Bonita