Sunday, May 22, 2011

It's not the end of the world...

The world was supposed to end at around 6pm yesterday. However I didn't even thought about it when I said yes to two dates today with friends old and new. My high school best friend Glody messaged me the other day and asked me to lunch in Eastwood. Sadly our other best friend, Kristine didn't respond to her message so it was just the two of us. We had a great laugh as always and it was great hanging out at her place, which I was surprised to know she had. We are all grown up after all. I just can't help but remember us three gushing over Teen Beat Magazines at Glody's parents' house or ordering pizza so we can get to see the cute delivery guy. Sometimes I wish things were as simple as we were in high school.

Then early evening I met with the Pex peeps. We decided to watch Fast 5 and have a few drinks after near my place. The movie was great (the action scenes were pretty exciting) and we had a nice time chatting over a few bottles of beer. I was also glad Maggie was there. We knew of each other's problems and although we didn't discuss things at length, we understood what the other felt deep inside. Knowing it's time to laugh even though we feel things would never be the same again.

People always try to predict the end of days, but for me this day only proves that it's not hard to guess that I have great friends whom I can rely on when I need them.

It's 3AM Sunday. The world is still here. I'm still here.


Marjorie said...

oh another movie missed! you didn't invite me :(

eventuallypretty said...

kala ko din di kami matutuloy. mas madali ata ang biglaan.

next time marj. daming movie na dapat mapanood :)