Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Relationships Are Fragile

This is an excerpt from an online friend's blog, where I often go to and read to get some peace of mind. Thanks again Joy for the words of wisdom.

Relationships are fragile. The reason why we often hurt more the ones who love us most is because we do not realize this.

We take for granted the people who are always there for us and we care not to be as careful with their feelings as we are with people we hardly know.

A careless word. A negligent irrespectful act. We often think we can get away with anything when we are with the people who love us.

While it is true that they will extend to us their utmost understanding, it is also true that they are but human beings after all.

They get hurt. And they get hurt the most by the people they love the most.
Relationships are fragile. It is far easier to protect it and to take care of it rather than to mend it when it is already broken into a million shattered parts.

Must we spend our precious time trying to gather the broken pieces? Or should we rather spend our moments checking our tongues, saying words of encouragement, holding the hands of the people who truly matter to us?

Relationships are fragile. They are gifts to be cherished and protected and taken care of as much as we take care of our own hearts.

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