Thursday, September 29, 2005

happy birthday grace!

grace celebrated her 30th birthday at the hospital, her home for the next week or so. she finally had her back operated on and we are all happy that the operation was successful -- though she still feels very sore and can move only her fingers and toes. :)

some other things of note:

1.) its been a month already. whew. how time flies. but we feel as if we've been together for years now. finally i am happy. and i hope it stays this way for a time. if not forever(?) *lol*

2.) they gave in. they meaning the pinoycentral peeps. so yes i was a full pledged bum (but i wasnt technically since i'm still an employee of broadcasting til oct 2) for only 2 days. i just got back from my NBI clearance renewal, you get one for your employer to see if you are a convicted criminal yet you come out with a clearance with you looking like a convict on your picture. heh. i last applied for one in 2002 but nothing changed. i still looked stupid. *lmao*

3.) and all i can say is THESS...AJA! it may be a hard road ahead but sometimes you just have to take risks for you to find your true happiness. after all it is your life and not theirs. and remember we will always be here for you. if you need tips for you-know-what just let me know ;)

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

surprise surprise

surprise #1: guess who i bumped into at the doctor's office? jiale! we just laughed out loud when we saw each other. and of course the secret was out. hahaha...

surprise #2: i got a call again from the hr of the subsidiary i turned down. they are making a final offer later.

and is it just me or are there typos and grammatical errors in harry potter 6? am i just too grammar oc? *lol*

will update nicely soon :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

the bum and the restless

it's my second day staying home and i am BORED. i'm not very used to staring at the TV the whole day. at this very moment i'm at an internet cafe applying for jobs at jobstreet. gawd.

if i don't get out of this unemployed status soon i'm gonna go insane. any job recommendations?

Thursday, September 15, 2005


can't believe i would be feeling like this in the midst of the turmoil in my life right now. maybe it is the saving grace in this misery laden world of mine at the moment. if it weren't for this i would have checked myself in the mental institution right next door.

the pic came from paige pooler's bloggie. check her works out.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


that's the only thing i can say at the moment. that job in the offing? well the pay sucks and now i'm wondering if i should accept it. the work's harder, more responsibility and i have to go to the office earlier than the usual. and they would be at an advantage because of my experience as a writer and the contacts i have...

i really really need to find a job fast. my sister's contract at her job didn't get renewed and i don't want to add another burden to my mom who is already semi supporting me and my sister.

hay. maybe it's a sign i ship my ass off somewhere other than this company.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

it's not in my stars to be a bum

i contemplated on things that i would do while being a bum. i'm not used to the idea since i have been steadily working weeks even before my college graduation up until now. my sister oriented me already, she being a professional bum for about 8 months. waking up at 12 nn then lounging around the sofa while heating up lunch. she then eats lunch watching some mundane noon time show or cartoons on nickelodeon. after that she has a choice between chatting on YM or sleeping again. if she chooses the latter, she wakes up at 5 pm, prepares dinner and waits for me to appear at the front door. she alternates the routine with chores and once in a while movie dates with friends.

but i think i'm not destined to be unemployed. because i'll be taking on a new job on the 19th. and i'm not moving very far. just a building away.

God is really good to me. :)

Friday, September 02, 2005

change comes in 3s

as i have mentioned the last time, i believe that change comes in threes. the countdown... 1) black hair 2) boyfriend and dadan...3) bye bye job!

yes, i'm part of that downsizing thing they are doing here at this god damn company at the moment and i dunno if my 100+ gross is gonna make a dent in their million dollar debt. hehe...

but then again i'm still blessed. i've got a loving BF, tons of friends who btw are scrambling all over helping me find a new job ASAP. and a mom who says its ok to be a bum once in your life.

i cried my eyes out the other night, it's hard to say good bye to the people and the place that i considered home for almost 6 years but as they say change really is unevitable.

this is my last entry here on this PC. but don't worry peeps. i'm ok now because i know there is something better in store for me out there.