Friday, September 02, 2005

change comes in 3s

as i have mentioned the last time, i believe that change comes in threes. the countdown... 1) black hair 2) boyfriend and dadan...3) bye bye job!

yes, i'm part of that downsizing thing they are doing here at this god damn company at the moment and i dunno if my 100+ gross is gonna make a dent in their million dollar debt. hehe...

but then again i'm still blessed. i've got a loving BF, tons of friends who btw are scrambling all over helping me find a new job ASAP. and a mom who says its ok to be a bum once in your life.

i cried my eyes out the other night, it's hard to say good bye to the people and the place that i considered home for almost 6 years but as they say change really is unevitable.

this is my last entry here on this PC. but don't worry peeps. i'm ok now because i know there is something better in store for me out there.


soft_rain said...

Hello I came across this over the net, will you help me spread his PLEA!!


Prof. Bill Quigley has sent a text message to the world,


“No Water, Sick, ... Call Somebody for Help.”

Update on Memorial Hospital
by Karen O'Keefe Thursday, Sep. 01, 2005 at 3:06 PM

The horrible situation at Memorial Hospital in New Orleans continues to worsen. Democracy Now! reports that yesterday Prof. Bill Quigley sent a text message saying: “No Water, Sick, ... Call Somebody for Help.” I believe that was somewhat after he described the situation as "lethally chaotic" in an interview with the Chicago Tribune.

As the Chicago Tribune reported, "People have been breaking windows to let in fresh air as temperatures inside the hospital rise above 110 degrees. Garbage and soiled linens lie strewn throughout the building. Most toilets aren't working."

It also reported: "Earlier Wednesday, [Bill Quigley] said, nurses carried critically ill patients up darkened and slippery stairways to the eighth floor, where they were told helicopters would ferry them to other medical institutions. But the helicopters never came, and staff had to bring the patients back down."

Here are articles on the situation in Memorial and other hospitals:,1,5213336.story?coll=chi-news-hed

best wishes to you all,


Thank You so much

nhila517tm said...

whenever i would open my blog, i rarely check on your entry...cuz i know i dont have to, because i see you everyday and i hear your everyday stories - different stories... and now, suddenly when i decided to open and check on my blog, i felt a need to check on your blog...until now, it still seems far from reality. Realization broke in when i read your last sentence:

"this is my last entry here on this PC. but don't worry peeps. i'm ok now because i know there is something better in store for me out there."

yeah.. yeah...yeah... (slap my face...sniff..) wala na nga talaga. kanina, when i entered the PROMO room, i was still hoping i'd see you there, in your usual place sitting infront of your PC and would say "hey nhils!", wala na...last night, it was a lot different, we were riding the MRT, and when it stopped at Shaw station, and it felt weird cuz we got used to the everday routine na may bababa dun...after this day, it'l only be me and ate grace na lang...

We'll surely miss talent center ka lang nawala, you're never gone in our hearts...

Don't worry, Karma is just right beside her, it 'll come in double!

igor said...

You are blessed. :D

cherry-flavored ampalaya said...

sigh. I'll be going to talent center next week to work on a project for one of the mags. its not going to be the same without you... even without pear!

at least you're doing so much better on another front.

Quentin said...

we all wove you vewy much patty-poo!! xoxo


alam mo, pats, pag may problem ako, leah's situation inspires me...diba, last time, si Mama Leah naman ang parang pinagsukluban ng langit? and look where she landed! ganun talaga, minsan, God empties you first, so He can fill you up with His choicest blessings! At least, you have Papa Randy (naki papa na!)

leahtong said...

i stil cant blv na ndi na kta makikita s ofc pag pasok ko. u know, more than anything, ang ritual ko when i come to the office and check up on you and ate thess. direcho ako sa promo room pagkababa ng gamit ko, have u noticed? pero ngyon, njan pa din si ate thess pero pag sumilip ako... aaawww.. ayaw ko na. baka maiyak ako. ate, ttext mo ko ha. di na kasi tayo nagkita last week eh. ska i'll always check ur blog. pero dapat magkita din tayo once in a while... btw, cant you get a job sa publishing??????

misspinkster said...

ate patty... i love you.. :)
..ok lang yan you have a boyfriend naman eh! hehehe
..i really miss those times.
..pero yung isang tao, di ko namimiss! hehehe

tinawjj said...

just believe there is a reason why this happened and there is something better out there coming your way.

uchisan said...

pats, its a sign. maging gasoo ka na.