Thursday, September 29, 2005

happy birthday grace!

grace celebrated her 30th birthday at the hospital, her home for the next week or so. she finally had her back operated on and we are all happy that the operation was successful -- though she still feels very sore and can move only her fingers and toes. :)

some other things of note:

1.) its been a month already. whew. how time flies. but we feel as if we've been together for years now. finally i am happy. and i hope it stays this way for a time. if not forever(?) *lol*

2.) they gave in. they meaning the pinoycentral peeps. so yes i was a full pledged bum (but i wasnt technically since i'm still an employee of broadcasting til oct 2) for only 2 days. i just got back from my NBI clearance renewal, you get one for your employer to see if you are a convicted criminal yet you come out with a clearance with you looking like a convict on your picture. heh. i last applied for one in 2002 but nothing changed. i still looked stupid. *lmao*

3.) and all i can say is THESS...AJA! it may be a hard road ahead but sometimes you just have to take risks for you to find your true happiness. after all it is your life and not theirs. and remember we will always be here for you. if you need tips for you-know-what just let me know ;)



buti pa you, pat, may pinatutunguhan ang lovelife...=) aja!

evelash said...

hi patty!...happy ako kasi happy ka din...happy ang lovelife...and may work na ang beauty...congrats gurl!

Jopen said...

its about time... i'm so happy for you!