Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Picture fun in Taiwan Storyland

We learned of Taiwan Story Land from a blog and seeing they had fun picture taking there, my sister and I decided it is a visit worthy spot. Fortunately it was near our hotel, about a few blocks walking distance. It's at the B2 level of the K-Mall, situated across the Taipei Main Station.

It's a theme museum of Taiwan after the Japanese occupation 1950s-1970s (and it explains why Taiwan had so many Japanese restaurants) and it's a real interactive place, where you can play pretend being in the era.

We passed by Storyland the first day, but it was closed due to the storm.

This is Storyland's 'mascot'. He's kinda cute isn't he?

The photo above is sort of the apparel street while the one below it is a toy/candy store. The ticket to Taiwan Storyland (priced at NT280) includes coupons that will let you purchase toy, food and other souvenirs sold inside the different themed shops.

We had to take a picture of this ancient product sample. What do you think does it do? LOL.

Here, Pia and I pretended to be students. She's the lazy one, while I was the teacher's pet.

More pretend fun for me -- left by the bus, knowing how to ride a scooter and hanging out with locals. Camwhoring is real fun in this place.

And since we had been accumulating a lot of coins (change everywhere), Pia and I decided to get a souvenir photo at a japanesy photo booth located inside one of the rooms.

The tour just took a few hours unless you really want to do editorial shoots it would take a whole day probably, specially if you've got a bunch of friends with you. If you love picture taking and cute novelty stuff, then Taiwan Storyland is a must-visit.

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