Monday, November 27, 2006

I'm not yours. What you waiting for?

Plastic Happy. All I wanted for Christmas were shiny, red, patent shoes. But I couldn't resist the pair I saw at Bayo. So I bought them yesterday! So yey, I have my shoes. And I'm walking with 'em to and fro work cause I don't have money for my fare hahaha. Just kidding. Domi already called mah shoes ruby slippers. Ah wish I could really go home like Dorothy. Be happy, happy, happy and worry free. But here I am doing Crazy for You episodes. *bleh*

Flow and I might have rejoiced just a tad too early. We might get stuck with her after all. I just wish she'd realize her so called friends are the ones spreading 'stuff' bout her. She might be drinking a lot of coffee from Starbucks everyday, however she has to unclog her nose and SMELL the coffee. I'd be happy if she leaves, but I feel she'd be happier in the process. IMHO.

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ton said...

that's a great looking pair