Monday, July 04, 2005

the good, the bad and the ugly

the weekend was good, bad and ugly.

good: was able to fix some financial problems.
bad: financial status still not stable.

good: was finally able to hang out with him.
bad: was stupid to hang out with him and got treated like a second class citizen.

good: was able to down 5 bottles of beer.
bad: got wasted, had to be taken home and kissed by someone else, then had to cry at our doorstep out of frustration, trying to find the right keys to let me in, and the situation i have gotten myself into.

good: was able to talk to friends over soup and tequila.
bad: had to cry buckets in front of them. got me swollen eyes.

good: fantastic friends. the future looks a bit bright.
bad: another emotional rollercoaster.

good: birthday coming up
bad: another birthday, another heartbreak. i like collecting heartache gifts since i turned 25.

and where's the ugly part? i have a feeling things are gonna get uglier before they get better. another busy week ahead.


Jopen said...

the good - you have lots of friends like us who love you and will support you all the way...
the bad and the ugly - you fell for the wrong person and you've been treating yourself badly by allowing him to abuse you...
the good again - you have control over your life... you decide who you want to be and who will be part of your life.. and you have a God whom you can turn to and give you strength and courage IF you will follow His will... cheer up girl!... you are beautiful, intelligient, responsible and very much capable of doing a lot of good things for yourself... count your blessings and look forward to a brighter future...God loves you!

raven said...

Your guy seems to be a jerk. Please, please dump him. Believe me, you deserve better.

And thank God for good friends!

Keep strong!

poison ivy said...

hay patty... i've been thru that. and i became what i am today because of that- 100% vigilant, cynic, bitter, insensitive, etc. harharhar!

Quentin said...

here. have a bar of peni fresh.

gelamae said...

i guess you are right in stating about the good, the bad and the ugly...added to that, the BETTER: you can do something can forget him and move on...sabi mo nga, you have friends who will always be there for you and have no intentions to hurt you that bad...go gurl!