Wednesday, March 01, 2006

revenge of a bibimbap girl

An excerpt from a gorilla blog... i didn't know i released my first CD. i dunno where my royalties went either since it went platinum --dillusional.

"...*BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! If you enjoyed these albums from Bitter Gourd Talent and Tire Management Consultancy, there's more music for your CD selection from our BIBIMBAP girls collection.

Patty Petron exudes sensuality, and it manifests itself in her music. She enthralled us with her self-titled album "Album no. 1", now let her soothing voice soar to high heavens with this remarkable CD. Also, catch her in her lounge act at the Century Park Sheraton to hear the songs live, as they should be heard.

Don't Say Goodbye
Friends, in Love
This Time I'll be Sweeter
Never Let Him Slip Away
Breaking Us in Two
Passenger Seat
Moonlight Over Paris
After the Love Has Gone
Smiling Face
...her own version of Keith Martin's Because of You "

so i'm releasing my 1.5 album titled eventually v.02. maganda yan may remix version ng Because of You (the extended bibimbap remix; rap done by Cody of P3) and bonus tracks Leron Leron Sinta and Fiera ni Juan.

buy your copies now in all leading SM recordbars, astrovision, tower one and odyssey outlets. brought to you by Chingu Records and BGTTMC (Bitter Gourd Talent and Tire Management Consultancy).


uchisan said...

naks!!! may bago ka ng career! bakit di mo ininvite for a collab?

Quentin said...

alam ko kasama sa tracks mo ang ... "Luha" atsaka "Saranggola ni Pepe"

... beachfreak said...

naks. pa-album album na lang tayo dyan ah. hehe.

igor said...

Dadalhin ko minsan yung LP nung album v.02. mo at papa-autograph ako. :D

>screamin mimi of a fan of patty petron!<

confunded said...

pwede mag-pa-auto graph? ung hindi...kelan ka maglalabas ng autographed version? pwede mag pa-reserve?

tinawjj said...

hahahahah nirerecord pa ng tarantulas ko yung background music ko. kelangan magcollab naman tayo.

sabihan mo nga si sovetskaya hirayana na magrecord na ng because of you version niya!