Monday, February 27, 2006

weekend thoughts

i have neglected this blog due to the fact i had too much going on my mind the past few days. so ok, i'm back with thoughts here and there...

1. Kris Aquino's Pantene shampoo ad - she's reportedly paid 8M for this commercial. Heck i dunno why. *lol* and there's something weird about the shampoo's type -- age defying something. don't get me wrong, i use pantene and i love the brand to pieces but ageing hair? IMHO, i don't see age in a person's mane. i see it in his/her face. therefore if you are looking old, it's not the hair that needs a lift, it's the face. BTW hair looks old if it's graying so dye is the answer to your problems not some shampoo endorsed by kris.

2. The Job - you must be wondering what's my decision over that. well i just turned it down a few minutes ago. funny, here i am praying for a bit more cash in my pocket and i end up turning my back on the answer. the thing is i know what i am capable of, and i know i am not yet ready to take on that kind of responsibility. "you're in a dead end job!" some of you might say. but for me it is a bit hard to do a job well if your heart isn't really into it.

so now patricia you go scrimp some more on your meager wages. ^_^*

3. WWE Raw - yep i gave in to the BF. i went with him to the Araneta last Saturday, the 25th to watch WWE amidst the state of emergency declaration of GMA. And even though we were in the general patronage area it wasn't all that bad (although araneta could fix the bathrooms to match their supposed sosy image now). We had interesting bleacher-mates, a mother and daughter team. i was in awe with their knowledge of the game, specially the mom, who could even give me a blow by blow of what happened during the royal rumble. she even knew the names and theme songs of the wrestlers by heart hehehe. there were college kids behind us who could give the WWE commentators a run for their money, they were hilarious. I'm happy that i made randy happy (he couldn't stop thanking me after for going with him -- mahabang pakiusapan yun). the matches were great, the diva's were hot (i long for a WWE diva bod) and araneta was filled to the hilt (super kumita yung producer nito). and the highlight of the show was seeing Edge's t-back underwear, exposed accidentaly by John Cena for all the world to see... wahahaha...


taorist said...

Sana may pix ng WWE!

Good thing you chose what was right for you.


uchisan said...

basta pats, kung san ka masaya. :)

and 1 lang kilala ko na female wrestler and she has a bod to die for. her name is Stacy Kiebler at nakilala ko siya not because of wrestling but because of a show called dancing with stars, lol! :)

Quentin said...

naks. doing it for the love instead of the money.

you're stronger than i thought :}