Wednesday, February 01, 2006

time space warped

*names have been changed to protect the innocent. *aherm*

the saga of shaider and annie part eleven

dear shaider,

i know we have been colleagues for so long. we've shared about a hundred coffee cups from the vending machine across the hall. we've watched reruns of king kong vs. godzilla over and over again while waiting for fumalear to strike again in the lounge. you held my hand while i cried over spilling bleach on the team uniforms. we've talked about anything under the sun, from my skirt being vertically-challenged (and my love for pink undies) to how you like smelling your boots in the morning.

but then again i have been having these secret feelings for you for so long too...i dunno if keeping it would be as painful as you not returning it. but as adelaide, our robot has adviced me, regrets are like choosing new oil for your engine instead of the usual. your engine might run 'nice' for a while but it won't last as long as your usual oil. without the usual your engine will rust and eventually have holes.

so here i am writing you this stupid letter. i like you really. maybe even love you. more than our cappucinos in the morning. or that drama i wait for at night. but then who am i to have your undivided attention? there are girls prettier than me. or maybe more experienced. in our field that is. it's scary that you have a big heart. because i might be reading more into how you are treating me. yet i am too still hopeful that in that big heart of yours, there might be a wee bit of a space for me.

i do wish you would reply in whatever manner you want. i am afraid to lose the friendship yet i think i am more afraid to lose the love. i am giving you space to think about the things that i have said. i'll be asking our general to assign me to distant g-10 in the dirdron galaxy. i will miss you.


dear annie,

i had a sinking feeling you would be bringing up this subject soon enough. i felt it eversince that incident, when fumelear stepped over my boots and ruined it. you were so worried that we won't ever find its replacement.

i really don't know what to say. i value our friendship a lot. you are the only person i know who loves king kong vs. godzilla like i do. you are an exceptional girl, annie. you're very special to me. but then i'm still not ready to go into a relationship, especially now that fumelear's forces have moved into planet zorko. the general has assigned me a special roving task, i have to monitor it almost 24/7.

you're leaving me? who will replace you in the control booth? there will be no other control girl like you annie. not even alibaba, who can open doors with a snap of a finger. or was that wave of a hand? uh. whatever that is, we have chemistry. no other team can beat us. but if that is your decision, then i can't do anything about it...

can't you wait for me?
i will miss you sorely.


chel said...

patty! i dunno kung iiyak ako or matatawa, guess what, i've chosen to do niyo talaga ako, unfortunately, i don't think i'm worthy:(


kalypso said...

nice one patty!!!

cherry-flavored ampalaya said...

lintek... high ka ba?

anyway, bakit sipping cappuccinos in the morning? di ba dapat tea kasi Japanese sila?

eventuallypretty said...

uhh itcha modern annie and shaider.

iba na ang panahon ngayon. :)

taorist said...

Dear Annie Kita--eherm......,

I've read your letters and I have this impression that both of you seem to be in love. You have a chance at ever-lasting hapiness. Try it out. If it works, great! If it doesn't at least you tried and had a great, rolicking fucking time at it.

Dear Shaider,

Go after her. She loves you, you love her. Go on!

Take care,

Kuya Puma

PS: It's PUMA Lear, Shaider! I'll see you later while my monster tracks you down and eats your head for frickin' breakfast.

eventuallypretty said...

dear Kuya Puma,

excuse my spelling for haven't seen your mother write her name down so i just wrote it as i think it is pronounced.

you can't track me down. the security guards where i work as a part time call center agent will shoot you down.


*modern nga eh

chel said...

Dear Puma,

i don't want to pressure shaider, but i don't deny the fact too that eventhough i've told him already how i feel, i still feel sad:(.

you know shaider...he always want to play it safe:D oh and please, stop using the term monster, it reminds me of alibaba.


Eug Hix said...

Best piece of unmitigated 40% non-fiction, 10% fiction and 50% inspiration.

Omoshinoi kokora
Daisuki ne!!!