Monday, January 30, 2006

so you wanna be an artista?

i made an article with the same title for a seventeen magazine issue some years back. i just remembered it after hearing a commercial for a best food mayo kid search where one can be a star in its newest TV ad.

oh that advertisement isn't the only one. add to that the rejoice ganda kada, its palmolive spin-off and close up extra wannabe for the movie close to you. everyone wants to be an artista nowadays and the media really, really is hyping it up. reality searches are a dime a dozen these days. PBB -- bleah masyado na siyang palasak if you ask me. no substance in some of the winners whatsoever. i was disappointed really when every single one of them wanted to be an actor/actress/host etc.

what has our country come to? the artista wannabe philippines? be an artista, be a politician, be an enterpreneur, be a model, be a millionaire? as someone working in the media i wish sometimes that our channel can promote that being something else like a teacher, lawyer or doctor can make you SOMEONE. not just being an artista.

that's why i hate kids who imitate those brainless gyrating dancers or sing those so called novelty songs. there's so much glamour put into these things that make me sick sometimes...

artista = easy money.
but what's the substance in it??? *sigh*

and don't answer me it's for the sake of art. that's bullsh*t.


cherry-flavored ampalaya said...

wasn't nene the only one without showbiz ambitions?

kids nowadays are so in love with the idea with becoming an artista or a model, but really a lot of them don't have the talent, looks or charisma to become a celebrity. it's so hard to drive home to idea to some that being a celebrity is not the ultimate thing in one's life. it may be easy money but it comes at a price.

how sad that kids no longer want to become lawyers, doctors, teachers but the latest teen idol.

Jopen said...

...sad to say, it is a reflection of how the philippine society's state of values is right now... but for as long as we patronize these shallow shows being shown on TV, they will not stop... I for one dont waste my time on them because I personally dont see any value add they can give to the viewers, especially the kids...