Monday, January 02, 2006

last week in 2005

first and foremost happy new year! yeah, i'm all cheery today. thanks to my SO *hugs*

but before i get all mushy around here, let me just give you a recap of what heppened to my last week in the year 2005...

the box
yearly my mom sends us a balikbayan box every christmas filled with goodies plus my and my sister's bilins. the box this year is smaller than the usual and it arrived christmas eve. i finally got my seventeen magazines! no spam this year though. and mom sent what we describe the 80s jacket. we fear that she might be getting the 'balikbayan syndrome'(the term pi and i use when relatives from the states send clothing cast offs that no one can absolutely use here). horror of horrors. (pics of that tomorrow)

sick -- but not in the head
i got sick on christmas day. a bad case of stomach flu. all i did was vomit or poop (sorry for the term guys)for 2 days. had to rush myself to the ER, told to do the very same thing i was doing and ended up wasting P1000 for fees and medicine. blech. went on a diet of skyflakes, tea and gatorade for around three more days. i still get weak kneed and nauseous when i push myself to do my usual routine but i'm feeling much better now. i would rather repeat my back operation than have that kind of illness again. i can take that kind of pain plus dodging people from patting my back than rushing to the bathroom, smelling like vomit every meal time. though the crackers and liquid diet did nothing to my weight, as every one said would be my consolation, thank you very much.

and because of the thing above i missed my college barkada reunion and the F4FU mods get together. man. i hate getting sick and missing out on all these stuff. cause i know and you know that the one who wasn't there would definitely be the one most talked about. right cherry?

the joyride gang
nhila...closed a chapter in her ever 'hanging' love life. finally.
ana ... your mom and dad are better off where they are now. i'm sure they are happy that you and your kuya are doing very well. embrace eng's family as if they are your own.
thess...things did work out in the end right? hopefully it will end as we dreamt it to be.
grace...can we pat you on the back now? can we poke you? can you ride the roller coaster?
jerry...tunay na pag ibig now only tunay na friend? hows the weather in isabela?
ate net...still sexy yet loveless? sana naging stable na ang lahat.

no i did not attempt to watch anything. but ivy did. she watched exodus with gail. and fell asleep. wehehehe. next week narnia na.

apart then together
boyfriend and i spent the christmas and new year's eve apart. he went home to his family in mindoro. i missed him terribly but he's back and i'm happy. :) 4 months na kami. *blush*

2005 was one heck of a rollercoaster ride. heart broken twice but healed. lost my job but found love. realized i have a lot of friends i can truly rely on in times of trouble. i thank God for letting me experience all that and leading me to where i am today. hopefully 2006 will bring a lot of blessings not only for me but for the people around me.

oh and i do hope you stick around reading my rants and raves for another year. :)


Quentin said...

all this
is fine and dandy
but please
give me money

*toothy grin*

eventuallypretty said...

hey that's my line :p

cherry-flavored ampalaya said...

please provide us with medical certificate to verify that you really had stomach flu and nothing else. hehehe.

actually, nagkwento si jopen so medyo nabawasan ang focus sa yo :)