Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Oh tag you're IT

katie tagged me! huhuhu...

Here it goes:

"the rules are simple:
* the tagged victim has to come up with 8 different points of their perfect lover/partner.
* need to mention the sex of the target.
* tag 8 victims to join this game & leave a comment on their Comments saying they’ve been tagged.
* if tagged the 2nd time, theres no need to post again."

Target: Guys

***8 different points***

* physically - smiling eyes are good. taller than me preferred. and slender/slim body would be best. :)

* emotionally - I like them to be caring, thoughtful and sensitive. -- ditto to this katie

* psychologically - not the psycho type please. no to serial killer instincts either.

* spiritually - someone who respects my beliefs. and hopefully he'd have the same. :)

* mentally - can talk with sense. humorous. not necessarily genius level but can relate or understand to my many quirky likes.

* financially - not exactly someone richie rich (though nice yun ha...hmmm *lol*)but someone with the drive to succeed monetarily. *heh*

* socially - oohh i have a lot of friends. so he must be able to blend in with them :)

* others - someone who has a lot of respect for his parents, responsible, neat and hindi baduy or jologs fashion wise. *heh ulit*

teka parang may kilala ako na ganito ha hmmm... ;)

So, I'm tagging:
Cherry (wehehe)
Mai (para magkaupdate siya sa blog)
Leah Lao


poison ivy said...

manay, aku ba itung ivy na itu? :)

Jopen said...

naku gusto ko mang patulan itong tag na ito parang ayaw ko yata.... sobrang glorified na ang mamang yon sa blog ko e... feel na feel nga ni mokong nung binasa yung mga posts ko about him....nyeeeehhhhh