Thursday, January 19, 2006

not all roses

"kelan kaya tayo magaaway?"

that was one of the questions i asked my BF a few days ago. we've had tampuhans and such but nothing big has come up for us to fight about. But yesterday, i didn't go to work. because i was sick from a quarrel we had the night before.

i cried my eyes out the other night. i was sleepless before the tears fell. wondering have i finally found a major fault in him? and the tears just wouldn't stop. and he tried to calm me down. oh he did. and the tears stopped. and sleep came. when the sun was about to rise.

i had a copy exam that day. and my usual work load. but the moment i stood up my whole world spinned, literally. and i had a humongous headache. i couldn't go to work. and i missed the exam. and he blamed himself for that.

we've made up that morning. and he gave me white roses as a peace offering in the evening.

but i realized everything isn't all roses as i was hoping it would be. relationships are HARD WORK too.


igor said...

I agree with relationships being hard work... Realized you have to keep going at it otherwise it will slip through your hands... :D

Quentin said...

ahh, maybe you can give us some insights someday about this stuff :}

igor said...

An old girlfriend once told me that it takes two to start a relationship yet only one to break it off. No matter how hard one party tries to salvage the relationship it's useless if the other doesn't want to be in the relationship anymore. :( Kaya ako, todo bigay to avoid that scenario. :D (Of course sometimes too much is too much. Hard to find the comfort zone for the two of you.) :D

eventuallypretty said...

@igor: wow youre such an expert pala...maybe i should ask you some pointers huh joe d mango? or is it joe d banana? *lol*

@quentin: insights? dapat ata ikaw...mas bihasa ka na sa akin sa mga bagay na to. :p

poison ivy said...

oo naman no! :p

Jopen said...

..any commitment entails hard work sister... pain makes our gains more valuable... but as igor said, it takes two to make a relationship work... mantra ko na yata yan hehehe