Wednesday, February 22, 2006


i love what i am doing right now. yet they are offering me the stability i am looking for.

i just can't think straight right now.


kalypso said...

making career decisions is the hardest thing to do. i've made a couple of them and it's a place i don't wanna be in (second to falling for someone i can't have... ok moving on...).

i used to have the same dilemma, whether i should stay in physical therapy or to become an MT. i was very happy where i was, i'm in good company, my office is in the mall, i'm freezing my butt off (very good for the skin, hehehe!)while everybody else is sweating like a pig. but the thing is kahit na sa aken na dalaga eh kulang ang sweldo... at least at that time sa MT maganda ang benefit package for regular employees (rice subsidy, health insurance, clothing allowance) and sure ang pag increase ng sweldo. my first couple of months wasn't so good, financially, pero umokey den naman... and i found new friends and i became just as happy.

nowadays we need to be practical. pero you have to be in a job that you love, otherwise you wouldn't be as efficient and dedicated.

parang lalo kitang pinahirapan, hehehe!

taorist said...

Kunyari di ako biased.....

Do what you think is best for you. Study all the pros and cons. Get all the necessary info.


If in the end you find out it was a mistake--you can always learn from it and move on. Experience is a bitch of a teacher talaga.

Madaling isulat...mahirap gawin.

I agree with your friend--these days dapat talaga ng practical tayo pero you should also do what you love. Money ain't everything. Pero you can't do what you love without some moolah as well. Conundrum talga.

I wish you the best.

confunded said...

They've said almost everything sensible but to play devil's advocate, in the 5 years that i've been in the workforce, if you're not happy with what you're doing, no matter how good a compensation you're getting, it wouldn't matter. On the otherhand, if you love your work, you'll be more inspired to do it better, the money will soon for how soon, i'm still waiting...