Tuesday, August 22, 2006

"Windy, windy, windy..."

That's how the Eugene song "Windy" goes and I wanted to sing that (and dance the infamous steps too)when she visited Manila and the station last Friday. Of course, it's another gazoo sighting for me and work at the same time, which makes me love my job sometimes.*lol* Anyway she was real pretty! Not as tall as I expected but real nice and lovely. She had a good command of the english language so it was no biggie for us to call out to her (which I didn't, pretending to be a professional writer and all that *ahem*). I've liked her even way back during my "arirang" days. I've watched Pops in Seoul like hundreds of times and caught on S.E.S fever (her singing group with Bada and Shoo) since they belonged to SM Entertainment then, the same management as BoA and FTTS.

I wonder if she'd sign the pirated S.E.S CD that I bought in Ongpin. Hahaha, I know she won't. But I know of a stalker friend who got her photobook successfully signed.*lol*

For my pics of her visit you can see 'em all here.

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