Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Princess Mode

Warning: Fan Girl rambling ahead! :)

Eversince Tin told me that Eun-Hye reminded her of me, it made me wanna watch Princess Hours (Goong) more. After making hints at Randy to buy me a copy (passing the pirated DVD copy everyday on the way home) he finally does and here I am watching an episode every night. Well, actually I watched three the first time and two last night so now I'm on Chapter 20! Four more to go whoopee.

Hmm...first off, I do see myself in Eun-Hye, I mean not as pretty as her but in her style of dressing and her mannerisms (tama ka Tin!). Camille asked me a few days back if I'm rooting for Yul or Shin. At first well...Yul had this Hua Ze Lei feel, but now I'm getting more into Shin's masungit yet softy personality. And the bears at the end of each eppy, they are sooo cute!

Hmm...would they all live happily ever after? Gusto kong maging prinsesa! -- not. Hehe...millionaire na lang.


Quentin said...

actually, at first drunk, dazed, and stoned glance, akala ko ikaw yung nasa first picture :)

eventuallypretty said...

salamat ha! @-@

raissa said...

bloghopping...wow chapter 20 ka na ang bilis mo! Goong is my favorite drama- halong angst, comedy, romance lahat na! Chapter 23 is the best! Magkakaroon ng Goong 2. I dont know when it would be released. =) yung profile pic mo and yung first pic ni Eun Hye halos pareho. Cute!