Monday, July 14, 2008

I just love my job...sometimes :)

When news of Wu Chun and Calvin Chen's visit to the Philippines spread, I was excited because of course as website people, our team would get to cover it again. And since Pink was a big fan of Wu Chun, she obviously got the assignment with me. I'm not that "well versed" now with the Asian entertainment scene and all I know of the two boys were their dramas. I was not even aware of their group Fahrenheit's songs.

So when the press were called to join the Taiwanese stars on stage, Pink was ecstatic. And of course I got caught up in it. They were sooo nice (unlike some other boy band management we know hahahaha).

I thought Pink and I were lucky enough to have that photo op at the presscon last Saturday (although we shared the moment with the PEP guys). But after our one on one interview with them today, we had another "moment" with them. And what's funny is I felt flustered during our photo session. I could feel Calvin's rib pressed against my arm wahahahahaha... It's soo funny, I felt the fangirlishness returning. :)

Hmm...maybe I should start brushing up on my Fahrenheit knowledge :)
ps. I wore my Kitty shirt for the first time for luck. Hahahaha...

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