Thursday, November 17, 2005

Harry! (spoilers)

The movie was great.


1.) Where are the Dursleys in the opening? The Weasley's storming the fireplace?
2.) I was expecting to see more of the Weasley's and their eccentric home. And where's Percy?
3.) Dobby and Winky.
4.) The Veelas. They didn't even explain Fleur was half that.
5.) Bitin ang Quidditch game. Not much emphasis on Viktor.
6.) FYI for those who didn't read the book, Dobby the elf gave Harry the gillyweed not Neville.
7.) Sirius not being present during the final task and the capturing of Barty Crouch.
8.) No Ludo Bagman! The twin's jokes/ i right that Harry gave them his Tri-wizard prize money? They need that part to establish the twins' roles in the next films...
9.) Fleur and Krum could have more speaking lines. Hehehe. The film i think didn't establish them enough as the BEST in their schools. Mas mayabang yung dating nila sa book.
10.) Madame Maxime being a giant.
11.) The explanation of Voldemort's wand and Harry's.
12.) And how Barty Crouch Jr. escaped Azkaban.
13.) Hermione's expose of Rita Skeeter's being an animagus.

aherm. i still have a lot of comments but hey they couldn't squeeze all the 700+ pages in the movie right? The Quidditch stadium amazed me (bitin nga lang!) and The death of Cedric there moved me the same way the book did.

warning to those who did not read the book. you might get a little impatient (the movie is 2 and a half hours long) and you will be certainly confused in some parts.


cherry-flavored ampalaya said...

hehehe. I think I'll wait for all the movies to be done before I read the books. All of the stuff you mentioned I didn't even know before I stepped in the movie house.

Bitin no? Not like the other movies.

meowok said...

not a potter fan. however, i think this is the best movie in the series so far.
btw, bakit harry potter and the goblet of fire e parang minor lang yung role ng goblet dun sa story...
^ ^;
ei pretty patty, link kita, link mo din ako. hehehehe

tinawjj said...

agree with everything you said.

yung explanation ng wands sinabi lang in passing ni dumbledore. kung hindi pakinggan ng mabuti di mo maririnig haha.

pero is it just me but is dumbledore portrayed as someone really really tense here? in the book he actually was quite calm and cool pero in the movie parang masyadong natataranta. or baka ako lang yun.