Monday, November 21, 2005


after hearing gwen stefani's song luxurious and seeing some friend's profiles in friendster, i can't help but be envious.

i've become a green eyed monster lately. which is bad. i've been wanting to have a better life but have i been doing to make that 'nice life' into a reality? err...not really.

i want to get this out of my system. its not very good i know.

but money does make the world go 'round.

kala ko ba simple ka lang? oo nga simple. pero...

ok back to my cave.


leahtong said...

whats this atsi? care to explain. . .? hehe

ahirunopekkles said...

patty di ko din na gets...HUH??

eventuallypretty said...

im tired of having no money. yun na.

shannenita said...

hayy...ako nakasanayan ko na.
but you're right, you (at ako na rin) have to do something about it.

yun nga lang, what's the first step?

cherry-flavored ampalaya said...

so I take it you still don't have your separation pay? what's the holdup?

kailangan magkaraket ka na. you wanna work for a gorilla? nuninuninu

meowok said...

gorilla? our gorilla? no offense to the gorilla but i've worked there before him and keeping in mind where pretty patty just came from, it'd be out of the frying pan and into the fire. pero manageable i guess, if you have the guts for it. the gorilla certainly seems ape enough for the job. ;)
in fairness, compensation's quite fair there.


Patty, envy is quite normal. green, afterall, is the color of life (doesn't make sense!? wala lang ako masabi).anyway, ako nga ingget sayo. at least, lovelife meron ka. for most of us, la na nga datung, awan pa lovelife.