Tuesday, November 15, 2005


i didn't know that i could be harassed with something as simple as water. yesterday my sister woke me up telling me there was no water coming out of our faucets. and she added a little later that she has managed to save me half a pail. great. just enough to wash my almost waist long mane. i go to our water meter, and after a few attempts to open the valve, i give up. it wouldn't budge. assuming it was the unpaid balance of our land lord due to the repiping of the town homes, i go to the treasurer of the home owners association to ask for an extension. well the deadline was actually the 15th, but i was ready to put on an act if i needed to. tough luck, no one was home.

so here i was hot and sticky, and realizing one of my greatest fears is about to come true. i had to go to work without taking a bath. oh joy. desperate times call for desperate measures. i go to the tank upstairs and open the faucet there. drip drip drip.malakas pa ang tulo ng wiwi ko. but i had no choice. i manage to get the pail half full after about 30 minutes or so. so now i had a pail full of water. yey. bath, dress up, off to the bank i go so that i can pay the said balance that night.

at the bank, after getting some moolah, i realize i was still a few hundreds short. if i get some from my money, i'd still have enough for fare the next day. oh-kay. office. slave away. reminding myself to leave early so i can catch the treasurer still up and about. then paranoid me thinking we might still not have our water turned on tonight finally decided to withdraw from one of my mom's secret accounts -- yeah right-- thinking that i would buy gallons of mineral water if ever (how sosi can i get). after writing down my super long account of my 'favorite' artist's phone interview on TV, i rush home stopping by the ATM machine outside the office. offline. drat. now i have to really go to megamall.

walkathon to megamall from the mrt and megamall to the tricycle terminal, i finally get home to find my sister cleaning house. i asked her if she checked if the treasurer was at home. "wala." was the masungit answer i get. furious with her and the situation, i go up stairs to my room to get the water receipt. i stop in surprise. i hear sounds of trickling water coming from the tank. water? i rush outside to our water meter to find our valve open. wha???!!! i return home puzzled.

then my sister tells me "nga pala may tubig na." ang saya.


uchisan said...

at least naka 1 pail ka sister!!! :)

congrates sa perseverance at fear of going-to-work-na-di-naligo!


evelash said...


yun lang ang masasabi ko hehehe

cherry-flavored ampalaya said...

magwet ones ka na lang sa sunod! hehehe.

actually sana si sister ay nagkusa naman to work on the water and the bills.

meowok said...

take it from someone who lives in paranaque... you won't know water woes till you've lived here. hehe