Saturday, November 19, 2005

a friend's call for help

a friend and i have been having heart to heart talks lately. i've been trying my best to give her good advice in all the instances she asked me to. i feel sad at her predicament right now, feeling the joys of finding her first and true love yet being burdened of choosing between her parents and boyfriend. i know it doesn't matter if she listens to what we, her friends, have to say. ultimately she will be the one to decide if she will fight for her love or to let it go for the sake of her parents. i for one wouldn't know what i would do if i were in her shoes. i pray that she chooses the path that is best for her. and everything turns out FINE. (i shall cross my fingers too for more luck.)

i'm watching ETK right now and all i can say is "Magsabunatan na lang sila." mwahahaha...what direk joey said, we have said before. and it fell on deaf ears. and i assure you direk, nagsayang ka lang ng laway. they still won't understand. but seriously people who lack humility will hit the ground the hardest. the pride they carry will break them into a million pieces.


uchisan said...

wow! sino magsasabunutan? i broadcast ba sa TV? watch ako! hehe!!

cherry-flavored ampalaya said...

hmm... curious about who the friend is.

anwyay, what did they say on ETK? Nag-guest uli si Alfie about them and he said si koya daw talaga ang gusto niya i-manage.